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Cloud based creative apps that works on a web browser, without a need to install anything.

Sumo Paint, launched in 2008, has now over 20 million users worldwide.

The development of Sumo Apps started in 2007, when Lauri Koutaniemi moved back to Finland from Poland and started to drive his vision of real cloud based creative apps, that works in web/mobile browser without a need to install anything on your device.

First Sumo product, was released in 2008, and has now over 20 million unique users world wide. It has got 5 star ratings from and MacWorld and was selected to Google's edu platform as featured application for chrome books. community was introduced in 2009 and has now over 570 000 registered members and over 2 million public images, done by Sumo Paint. is a community for sharing artwork to others and finding other people interested of art. has over 2M public images, done by users

From 2010 to this date development was more focused to provide creative apps and tools to schools and Sumo Paint was also released for Chrome Web Store (about 250 000 users).

During 2011 and 2012 Sumo Paint was launched to iPad and several other partner sites using Sumo Paint API, that allows using Sumo in any website or product with simple integration.

2013 Lauri and the team started developing the new, improved HTML5 platform and scripting language, for device independent rapid development for future Sumo Apps.

Sumo Script and Sumo Skin engine uses one file for all UI elements

Sumo Paint is a great example, what can be done in web already. It has all the basic features from Photoshop and a lot of fun to use features like 3D effects and filters, animated brushes, world's best gradient tool and much more.

Sumo Shot will be the next Sumo app launched later this year. It focuses more on photo editing and image adjustments. Meeri Koutaniemi, awarded photographer from Finland have been helping us to ensure that the application is even great for professional photographers. Meeri's portfolio can be found from:

Meeri's website is done with Sumo Slides

There will be also a lot of other Sumo applications and games, done with Sumo Script, very easy to use scripting language, which allows anyone to create their own apps or remix apps that other people have created. All current and future Sumo applications will be done with Sumo Script, so everything will work with HTML5, without a need to install anything.

Sumo Paint is currently the best online tool for drawing. We believe that we can do the same for photo editing. We have already build the prototypes for photo editing, video editing and even audio and music creation. We also believe that it helps a lot to have already over 20 million unique users around the world. We can group all Sumo applications together and offer them as creative suite, so there is no limit for your creativity.

Almost 50% of Sumo users comes from America

We have been also licensing Sumo technology to other businesses and products. There were even a spin off for creating customizable nail stickers online, that uses Sumo Paint and Sumo technology as a foundation for the app and the website. Check out the Kickstarter campaign.

INNI's online editor uses features from Sumo Paint

Lauri and Heikki from Sumo, and Katja from INNI

INNI's Sumo Paint Campaign for World Cup

Sumo technology (platform, tools and backend) has been used also for mobile and tablet apps. Currently you can convert any app done with SumoScript to native iOS, Android or Windows mobile apps.

Simple tool to design logos for TV channel AVA

Mobile application to customize fishing lures

Sumo was also selected to Google's edu package and to Google I/O event as sandbox developer. We have been working and talking also with DeviantART, Adobe, Autodesk, Wacom, Facebook, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft.

Sumo at Google I/O event in San Francisco

We have also participated to many events and Sumo is part of Dream School product, that is the most used solution for cloud apps in schools in Finland.

Minister of education from Singapore visiting us

Sumo School was introduced to Egypt in 2012

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Lauri Koutaniemi

Founder and CEO, Sumo Inc (US)

Lauri has been working with online and mobile apps for over 15 years.

Lauri has developed over 100 cloud based applications and games. He is a founder of Gamelion, Sumoware, Sumoing, Luretool and INNI.

Gamelion grew from 2 founders to over 50 developers in 4 years. Sumo has over 20 million users worldwide and Sumoing Ltd's latest app Repix got over 1,5 million downloads in it's first week out and was selected as Editor's choice from Apple.

Lauri has been working with Google, Adobe, Autodesk, Nokia, Samsung, Wacom, Electronic Arts, Sony Pictures and many other game publishers in past years and lived and worked in Singapore, Berlin, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco, Szczecin (Poland) and Finland.

Dmitri Fedotov

CEO, Sumoware Ltd (Finland)

Dmitri has over 20 years of experience from management positions in IT companies. He is taking care that everything works smoothly for all Sumo users, for the company and all our employees.

Heikki Lampinen

Chief Technology Officer

Heikki is the creative mind behind Sumo technology and our future products. Heikki is all-in-one kind of professional, who knows a lot about photographing, video editing, server development and frontend coding.

Anton Gauffin

Advisor, Mobile Apps

Anton has been working with Lauri for over 10 years. Anton was the CEO for Gamelion, that grew from 2 guys to almost 100 employees in 4 years. Anton knows everything about mobile development and games. He is helping Sumo with mobile apps.

Gwyn Jones

Advisor, Printing

Gwyn Jones was the co-founder of Vistaprint and Serif and he knows how to scale the production when needed. Gwyn is helping Sumo with printing and manufacturing Sumo print products.

Meeri Koutaniemi

Advisor, Photo Editing

Meeri has been working for Sumo for several years, helping Lauri to understand the needs from the professional photographer.

In 2012 and 2013 Meeri was selected in Finland as the Photographer of the Year and won the category of Foreign Reportage. In 2014 Meeri won the FreeLens Award in Lumix photo festival in Hannover with her exhibited documentary work Taken. Meeri was selected as a participant to Joop Swart and VII Masterclass in 2014. Meeri's website:

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