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Contest...Sort of! ;-)
CONTEST THAT?S NOT REALLY A CONTEST!!With no winners or losers! A contest with no prizes! YAY! Who could ever dare to dream such a fantastical dream? Me! ;-)How do you not win the wonderful, amazing, gloryless contest?Easy! Just take the smoke bubble layer from this picture, and use it to create wonder, amazing, and magical works of art! I made the smoke bubble earlier, and have already used it in two pictures to give you ideas. Here's one way of messing with it But, I know that you can do something far better, and even more magical than I can! So hip hop and tootsie pops, get going!Attach your picture link in the comments below.Official rules? Well, none really. Just don?t be mean or cruel or hurtful to anyone with your picture. No graphic mature content, and come on?.you know, just be good! There?s no end date, and it starts as soon as you want to make a picture using the amazing, mystical magical fantabulous smoke bubble! I can?t wait to see what you do!!And for goodness sakes, please, at least a few people enter my contest that?s not a contest! ;-)Thanks You?ll!HallbeSumo Rocks!!!
14.08.2010 05:31
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