Ac girl
Quote:"make the most of your life, coz you only got 1 shot."
Signed:18.11.2009 22:27
Logged:01.01.2010 18:14
Interests:Animal Crossing, cats and pokemon mystery dungeons!!
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for Ccoo's contest!! christmas contest!
its a riendeer with xmas lights round its antlers, im 10 btw
dont know her name
animal crossing, remix cat!
thx 4 inventing this pokemonio!
Coco, the animal crossing bunny!
coco, biskit and other animals , are dead, thier the dead animals, because off their eyes its easy to tell, coco has pit...
My AC cat!
i made curlie up!!
i made hetta!
My animals
tell me your animals!
its easy to get emotions on aniaml crossing, just talk to shunk when he comes, take an emotion, i like the shocked face...
Tangy: animal crossing
"they say cats hate citrus, that really hurts my feelings"
animal crossing
AC GIRL!!(me)
animal crossing (AC)
animal crossing cat....made her up!
animal crossing (AC)angry cat
cranky is his personlality! he is a bot cat, his birthday is the 23rd April, and his catchphrase is : loner
animal crossing: katlin! katies mum!!!! who can draw katie!??? 4
heehee, plz draw katie 4 me!! its a request!
crazy Ac
christmas animal crossing!
the reindeer that comes on christmas eve on animal crossing!
AC i made meg!
animal crossing pic
contest entry for pokemon 1953
my story is called under ground treasure. I have the whole version on your page!
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