Is trying to figure out what to make next... =)+
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What do you think? PLEASE, NO STEALING!!!
A Day At The Beach
This is a simple picture. It displays the simplicity yet beauty of the water and waves.
Texture # 1
This is a simple texture done using only 2 tools. See if you can figure out how!
No description
No description
This is a work in progress..... Not sure if I will ever finish it.... hahaha enjoy anyway!
FINISHED. Please comment!
Latest digi. Enjoy and comment!
This is basicly a 5 minute lineart don't judge too harshly. :)
This is basicly a spin on my other wolf digi. Please comment and DO NOT STEAL.
Best Friends
Valentine's Day Horse
This is a horse I made in honor of valentines day. C ) HORSEGIRLLOVESPONYBOX@GMAIL.COM
This is a horse I made in honor of valentines day. C ) HORSEGIRLLOVESPONYBOX@GMAIL.COM
Wildlife Scene
This is just an expirament with colors and brushes...tell me what you think!
Bacon Drawing
This was for my friends.....
This is one of my best "expiraments" with brushes. Enjoy but DO NOT STEAL. Thank you!
This is Bob, My friend with the green mohawk. Do Not Steal My Bob. Or he will hurt you. With his magical pickle frie...
Happy Birthday Deja!
This is for DejaVu.. the bestest PB mod. =D As always... no stealing please! It took me... like,... A WHOLE TEN MINUTES!...
Horse: Polar Dream@
I am very proud of this one! Took me a while, but feel free to critique. This was made for
contest entry
No description
horse pic
horsepic for the most elite at
Swirl Texture
Free use. Please credit me at
MVR Custom
No description
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