Quote:"art isnt just about the what it looks like its how you felt when you drew it"
Signed:22.08.2009 15:40
Logged:06.09.2009 19:45
Interests:drawing (obviously !!) , singing and always having fun and laughing
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are you the leader ?
a mysterious girl befriends a shy alien to help wi his homework o earth
purple jitter bug
an hours worth of purpleness !!
pink floowers
No description
elluminous colours in a large artisc swirl
hawaii coconut
No description
a picture of myself that i drew
it may not be brilliant but it gives you the gist of what i look like the short curly ( brown) bob and button nose and w...
sparkles of evil
i just made this up , i felt a bit evil and angry at the time so , that is how came out like
finger prints
everythingis not what it seems
teilo swirls
my younger brother did this peice of amazing art so no bad comments please !!?? it is clver fr a boy of his age !!
trail flowers
just a load of sahpe trails swirled so they look like florers !!
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