Name:Alice Wilson
Quote:"life is a potatoe chip u eat it,it eats u"
Signed:26.04.2010 06:36
Logged:03.04.2012 01:29
Interests:Total Drama + Phineas and Ferb
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Foamy the Squirrel
its foamy the squirrel...comment
izzy snake dancin
Total drama's crazy train izzy is dancin with a snake
Davy Crockett
yea...I watched the movie a couple days ago and i loved davy crockett that is my desktop wallpaper ;D
Pink Flower
its a freakin flower
Venomous blood thirsty snakes..xD
My Cat Midge
my cute little kitty named midge FOAMY
TDI Heather
its heather from the total drama series ill make more characters-actualli ill make all the characters
Phineas and Fer-Candace's best friend
Random page
something i got bored in skool
No description
No description
Asylum is my place
duh muh band name
headach now
random lines form a star
Untitled Imagehdfhfhh
No description
my friend swain
No description
No description
B&W zoro
No description
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