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Ready For Battle
For Horsechick :) Numbah 86 from KND. Decided to do some shading and very bold colors
Kids Next Door! Moulin Rouge Crossover
Today I bought the "Moulin Rouge" CD and thought that maybe... I could draw something 3/4 with Moulin Rouge an...
No description
Wally and Kuki just so happen to walk under the mistletoe in the treehouse... hmm... what will happen I wonder... Oh we...
Snow Day!
Thought with all of the snow this year that I would draw this little fluff! :) ~~after looking at it after I was done, I...
l8r 4ever
Just a sketch I drew real quick on my tablet
Winter Day
Just practice :)
Not Use To the Positive Reaction
Gotta say... Love Megamind! I saw it today, and I adore it! So fanart comes of course :) Megamind x Roxanne. I can ki...
Amy Rose
No description
Howl from "Howl's Moving Castle". It's suppose to be him as a human/monster but my laptop mousepad ...
KND Operative 320
Working with me new tablet, and just so happen to draw a new KND operative, Numbuh 320. Definately in the KND mood :P
Peace Out
Just messin around. playing with different styles
Tablet Sketchdump
Practicing on my tablet more, epecially with changing the pen style. You can tell which ones I payed attention to more ...
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