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Cini .................. kisses to everyone ....Cini
Quote:""What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well" - Exupery"
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old tree 2 JPG
made in Windows Paint (airbrush,pencil) In this case let Sumo to decide if it can be enabled for printing.It is made com...
Summer flower
l hate the winter
Windows Paint and Sumo
frosty autumn
this is the original one made in photoshop last year
Rubirosa ( of course my Rubirosa )
or ...One Lifetime Is Not Enough Memories by Zsa Zsa Gabor ...( to nine marriages l guess it's too short ...)
another riverside
No description
No description
with many , many thanks to all my dear friends and the whole community : Cini mouse
imaginary firelily
for my dear friend Carmen with love
Solveig's song
100% Sumo
No description
sumo autumn
second attempt ( l think every autumn taste has a colour)
sad birdie
No description
landscape 2
No description
rainy summer
a butterfly touch for my dear GG
No description
thorny heep
No description
flame nest
No description
another stormy landscape
100% Sumo tools,original reference pic: www.desktopvenue wallpapers .Nature.Fields 38421
birth of pearls
No description
sunset for Linda
this is a special sunset for you Linda,of course in an eye .Congratulations on your wonderful picture my dear friend ! M...
frosty sunset
For my dearest LFC friend with much love Cini
No description
No description
landscape in c.pencil
made in Windows Paint (coloured pencil,airbrush)
No description
No description
summernight magic
No description
there was a spring
No description
No description
lilacs and poems
Inspired by W. Whitman's poem
hibyscus on red
No description
No description
yesterday roses.sumo
No description
to Francis
october gold 2.sumo
for Elena with love
once upon a time.sumo
No description
No description
little miracle for my GG
with love Cini ( made with the new tools ,l'm so glad ,have to thank it to Sumo )
for my dear GG with love
No description
No description
yellow tulips
W Paint ( only airbrush ) dedicated to my dear friend Lathyrus with love.The yellow tulips by us look like these.Frame a...
lost beauty
No description
terra. 2
No description
magic seed
No description
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