im taking requests
Residence:Pride, Lionsville
Quote:"when your love is lost your whole world thrown off when the one you need dont need you what do when love is lost"
Signed:15.08.2009 05:59
Logged:04.05.2012 20:43
Interests:Music, lions, tiger, and bears.. jk bout the bears parts, oh and sumopaint :)
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Crazied cat
this cat just took a bath and was very mad
winged mightylioness
No description
Simba's Mad
its a sketch i made of a mad lion, hope you like
Mighty Unthinkable
a song i was thinking about by alicia keys called unthinkable {just the chorus}
ready or not
the lyrics to a song by the fugees called ready or not
whats on mightylioness's mind
i have alot on my mind, in usually thinking about past relationships music and the career that i want as a vet, my relig...
a normal school day
No description
a saying i got off of
the wild doll
4 the scary doll contest by metalaura
heart game
i hate heart games......
Am i really loving you?
alot of mixed feelings about my "special someone"
Childish memories
its the story of a single mom
Angelofdarkness's award
srry about some of the typos but this for angelofdarkness for knowing my favorite song.......hope you like it
not so mightylioness
mightylioness was attack by mightytiger. She is wounded on the outside but also on the inside..
the stupidity
No description
the mighy look of furry
this is mightylioness at her angeriest
Cool peeps i know
the people who i talk to on a daily bases( sorry if it doesn't look like u guys)
y would u say mean stuff about some1 who has been nice 2 u and let u c their i pod.....i guess no ipod 4 u
clach of the lion and tiger
wich is gonna win
and i care y
mightylioness is putting on the fake smile
mightylioness loves listening to her ipod
Blackstarqueens award
blackstarqueen gets the award of best lion drawer with her name on it
childish memories
single guys part
I love the way you lie
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn well that's alrite becuz i like the way it hurts.....Song by eminem and ri...
love hurts
No description
lady of the air
No description
black with white strips white with black strips
the lovely death
No description
mightylioness as a warrior.4 the warrior cat contest:)
what we want and need
some may not understand
so if u were mine
No description
I luv you gummy bear
lil mightylioness luved gummy bears
Watchin fireworks
No description
No description
The mighty new look
mightylioness needed a change in style
Music helps me get over
ok here are a few problems that music helps me get over if you have a problem that u would want to put on here please do
mightylioness X-ray
Doctor: "well mightylioness we have found several issues in your health, you have a bad case of the LOLZ" Migh...
Mightylioness plays keys
bet u didn't know mightylioness could sing and play
A mighty fight
mightylioness and mighytiger got into a fight
Lonely Wolfess
The wolfess cries into the night looking for her mate... She is lonely and sad she doesn't have anyone beside her t...
african women
No description
a lions way of saying go away
Which are you
No description
the retarded
No description
two worlds touched
No description
Akelah or mightylioness
This is my original OC. The other remixes came later. Her name is Akelah but we just call her mightylioness. she is of a...
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