i dont see why i bother with this because i dont have a bamboo pen or anything...
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Green Lighting
bright,lime green lightning over city,red sky
Striped Hyena:)
used for animal project enjoy!!!;)
Color Stars
Bright colors with some star shaped shapes
Orange bright Glows
orange stars,ground and moon
The Windy Black Sky
Horse,wind,black sky, and grass
Cyan Dragon,smoke
Crazy Blue
Neon Blue with girl head
Solor System
blue and black saturn
Swim Fishy,Swim!
No description
The Flower
No description
United States Flower
No description
Black and ?
No description
Friendly Fire
No description
United States of America
Blue stars,Red/purple stars
Sunset Christmas
Merry Christmas peoples!!!
When Love Opens
Inspired by a song,When Love Falls by Yiruma
When Dreams Come True
My first Bird painted on Sumo paint.(And just Sumo paint!)Have you ever watched a bird fly,land,swoop,and dive?It is ama...
Poesiden's Chariot
poesiden's symbil with horse which he created in the greek myths
Stairs to Flowers, Flower to Vines, Vines to Love
Hues of blue making a stairway. At top of the stairs are vines with flowers and leaves with the beginning of the vines...
Indigo Bunting
All done with mouse, I have no pen :(.
red/pink flower, sun, two clouds, all done with sumopaint, 'van gogh' feeling, an expiriment with shadows(not ...
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