I'm back :']
Name:pedro vidal
Age:18 years
Quote:"Don't stop reaching your goal because someday you'll probably be famous, never stop believing anythings possible :D"
Signed:30.07.2009 08:39
Logged:02.10.2011 23:47
Interests:Nothing much 0.0
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Cute puppy
A cute puppy waiting to be adopted :0
missy elliot
missy elliot as a fish took me a loooong time i hope everyone like it :D
Me and a friend :D
XD sorry dadomo I didn't know what to put :)
Sad demon
" I don't want to be a demon anymore, So many heart breaks and shattered windows in my life " The demon s...
Alien - UFO
Do you believe in aliens???
Candy killing squirrel 1
The candy killing squirrel jumps out from no where to find its sweep candy, Throughout the country in christmas day you ...
For FulffyDogs Pokemon contest :D
I think D.D
No description
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