Hiya! .. I m not dead.. Yet even my network has been. Follow me on my new blog:
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Age:19 years
Quote:"Usko itseesi ja mikään ei ole mahdotonta"
Signed:13.07.2009 22:58
Logged:17.04.2012 14:41
Interests:I love rabbits, music, manga and Watership down and Redwall-series, and my own cartoon character Shadow M and I love Sumo paint too. I can t live with out drawing.
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I just love rabbits,and Watership down.
Ginga Densetsu WEED
This is old picture made by me, I used someting called ArtRage.
The day of all inocent rabbits.
READ THIS: We have the day of inocent children soo.. There was cute and kind bunny is called Piki. When his master no lo...
When thunder brakes Captain Shadow will appear...
Shadow is alone and waiting for the storm to brake. When the storm brakes he will start patrolling with his partol. He l...
Efrafan rabbit
Efrafan rabbit from old movie called Watership down. Movie was made 1978 .
Kovu from The lion king 2
Ginga densetsu Weed, my cat
We call him Weedi,and he is my cat. Weedi On minun perheeni ikioma kissa:) Koko nimi on Ginga densetsu Weed^^.
The black rabbit of inlé
What can I say...? Inlé is Inlé.
Colder and darker
Yep. The winter is here in Finland.
Captain Vervain
Okay, I m here again with some Watership down style. This time I drew Vervain.. It took horribly long time to draw. ( I ...
Me! O yes, and Awesome summer to everyone
Bigwig from Watership down.
To Mimo95
Omistin tämän Mimolle, koska hän on mun paras ystäväni.
Brother Bear - Koda
It´s Koda from Brother Bear.
Flover by Campion
I just played with Sumo paint.
Yes, that is me. I´m 15 years old girl from Finland. - Kyllä, minähän se olen. Olen 15 v.
Campion from Watership down (with model)
Yay! I finally learned how to use that "pen". I drew this with Photoshop Elements 5.0. I watched model from W...
The black rabbit of inlé
Inle is Lapine language word for blackness, and hell. This is for Adela´s contest. Copyrighted by me.
Campion waits for Christmas!!
Yay! Yes thats me, Campion waiting for Christmas! It took me 2 and half hours to draw it. :)
Home, sweet home
.. My rabbit who is called Bigwig. He thinks that this is Home,sweet home. I jused my rabbit as a model. I think he is ...
100% Photoshop elements made
Difference between my rabbit styles. Campion at left is made with Watership down tv-series style and other is just sket...
ME& Shadow.
Ok.... This is old picture of me and Shadow^^ Shadow is my comic hero... Or rabbit... :) He is a rabbit who lives in ...
This is my newest style teached by Coral. This also took me some 5 h to draw. No copying!
Rabbits are soooo cute
I just got bored. Thanks for Coral I know how to make this fur. This took me 5 h to draw.
Shadow M
Shadow is my cartoon/Book hero.
No description
A rabbit
Logo for me!
I love you Shadow M
Captain Campion
Hi! I m back with Campion with Watership down style! This took me over 2 hours to draw. ( I had a model). I can´t ...
Cute little animal that kills..
Yes... Its a rabbit. Thanks Coral for teaching me how to make this furr. I made this with blur tool and smudge tool. I...
"Eulalia!" -say it aloud
I just started reading Brian Jaques s Long patrol today and I love it. It took me 4 hours to draw this. It´s...
My Summerholiday..
I was hanging on Sumo This took me over 6 hours with iScribble. This is 100% laptop work. (c ) Campion
Sadness 2010
I love u all.. This is just that I feel little sad. : /
100% Black rabbit
READ; The black rabbit is grim of rabbits. He is really nice guy but he just works as a grim.. Still it does mean that h...
My deviantart ID
And yes, Varjokani is my deviantart name. Do not copy. This took me ages. This is me like you can see..
Ginga Densetsu Shadow
I just listened music from GDW,and then... well here it is.
Under the stars
Kuva Linda9:in kisaan " Kuka hän on"
Mun kuvassa hän on kaniini.
Somethig by Campion
I just M so angry to one person on Sumo, who steal my "Rabbit" picture..... I just needed to draw something so...
Hopsu Fanin kisaan
"Kuka ehti ennen mua?!" Tämä kani halusi olla ensimmäinen, mutta joku toinen ehti ensin...
Horror - Drewn with Project Dogwaffle
Just testing but I wanted to still put it here, becuse I liked this:D I made this in 6 min. ^^
"Yaaay! Milkshake! I m going to drink that"
Campion (from WSD) is going to drink my milkshake! Can someone stop him!! This is for milkshake contest. I usually ma...
Me and other Finnish people made this at
Yes I made thsi with my friends... I just logged yesterday and I really need learning with using the la...
I finally made account, and here is my profile image. Lets hope that I can soon put there some of my drawin...
Zatzuma Is Going To Jorney.
Zatzuma is a snake,and she love travelling. She is my best friend´s cartoon character. Don´t copy. My be...
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