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Residence:Italy =)
Age:21 years
Quote:"never ever give up your heart"
Signed:01.07.2009 18:18
Logged:29.05.2011 21:36
Interests:writing, reading, art (of course), swimming, skiing, badminton, sudoku, chemistry
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The main character of my newest manga =) She's a warrior even she's only 18 - How do you like it? Anyway, open...
Come on, give her something to eat.... ...
Edward Elric
fanart of the Fullmetal Alchemisrt =3
Would you like an umbrella, miss?
My entry for Littlemissartsy's contest. The girl on the right is Neomonni, a Littlemissartsy's OC. The littl...
A Smile
No description
I usually don't draw animals..... I'm not used to it! This is one of my first attempts :) I hope I'll get...
cute gipsy
No description
Another character from my newest manga for you! xD Ok, so basically she's quite the villain of the story.... or at ...
I've been followed, I reckon....
Wow, something quite creepy again! This picture isn't too big because I had not much time, and I wanted to finish i...
Wops, sorry... wasn't my intention to kill ya.
Unexpected Hug
No description
err.... don't ask me what is this thing.
Susiron's Meme.... AnneLise's style!
Kyaaa! You've known AnneLise in the picture "Memories of a stolen smile", and here she is in a bunch of d...
Rokujo Miharu
My favourite character from nabari :) I don't own the character, this is just a fanart ;P
Call my name
No description
Memories of a stolen smile
Open in full view! ^^
Spirited Away - Haku
My favourite character from all Miyazaki's movies!
For Shmoolover's contest (deadline: June 1st) Hair: I the end I put also your extentions xD Skin: oh w...
Tears at the Party
What will you do when a night you expected to be funny turns out to be filled with death?
Mad Manicus
Tyky Mikk and mad hatter inspired me soo much! Manicus is my newest OC. he's a young merchant (13-year-old). Durin...
Waaah something really cute, I'd say..... She's a little girl feeling really embarassed. It was funny to draw,...
Dress (unfinished)
No description
Kanahya's smile... very rare. xD ----Please, view enlarged.---
Actress98's Portrait requested by Actress98. Hope you like it!!!
Speed painting... this is what comes out when I'm bored to death.
Teddy Bear
LOL!!! Don't ask me why he's got sunglasses xD
Mistyshores' request
Here it is, it's finally done! Hope you like it, Mistyshores!
"Vampire? Me?"
I've never been really into that vampire stuff, and I'm not even now. But I've started to read the manga...
"Don't go!"
I hate partings...
back to the city
my gosh...that car almost killed me... I had never drawn any before!!! And the light.... -.-'' I really suck a...
Girl with a ice cream (remixed)
lineart by Deidarasempai.... I just coloured it
The Grey Bride
Ahah, it's finished! It took one hour and 20 minutes.... I'm still unsatisfied, though. Maybe I'll eventu...
:) Please, view it enlarged!
Night and Day
Mad Earl Manicus and Manicus! <b>Earl</b>: I am you, and you are me. <b>Manicus</b>: What?? ...
odd animal?....^^
I had nothing better to do so... ^^' I guess it's like a cute little monster ;D
No description
well, I don't know what to say... this little girl is waitnig for some ispiration to come... just like me! xD
Warrior of fire
Some random silhouette.... done in about ten minutes (but still I think it looks a bit.... I don't know, odd?) Ok, ...
Water Princess
The secon silhouette! Still two to do.....
Dragon Lord
Just before you ask, yes, he is a guy. Not a girl. I know well that he looks feminine, but it was supposed to be like t...
Moonlight Sonata
A Night Elf is listening to the "Moonlight Sonata" while being elightened by the Moon =) This is my entry for ...
Yay! Again with my obsession for realism =D This time I didn't use a reference at all...
Venice - Venezia
For Kwikdraw's contest. Destination: Italy. Reference photos:
Please, view it enlarged!
I find this one a bit creepy... xD Though I like it ^^ Ok, please view it enlarged!
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