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Age:19 years
Quote:"The penguin master!"
Signed:15.05.2009 18:21
Logged:08.08.2011 14:56
Interests:Penguins, cats, Video games
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No description
Not something you'd expect when your searching on google.
Humboldt penguin
A little humboldt penguin.
A penguin like creature.
Pengo egg
No description
Looking to the non-exsistent sky
Also my failed attempt at shading
Baby Pengo
I might redo this another time.
a random drawing in a drawing contest with my friend.
Koopa troopa egg
No description
Paratroopa egg
No description
Mike egg
No description
Dry bones egg
No description
Pet site icon
a thumnails for my pets site
nothing special
just messing about with the filters.
nothing special 2
just messing about with the filters.
nothing special 3
just messing about with the filters.
No description
A full body picture this time.
Happy Penguin
Happy Penguin is Happy.
Dry Bones
My second favorite character in mario kart wii.
Mr Penguin
No description
Baby pengo Ver2
No description
No description
Colour in Pengo
Colour it in or add things to make it unique.
Some Penguins
I got bored...
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