Quote:"I really wish i knew what you were saying..."
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Interests:Movie making, Acting, Reading, Crumpets etc.
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Magic Protector
Hands around a crystal ball, hand drawn in pencil from my imagination with a bit of an increase in brightness stauration...
Still Life
In pencil, that required a lot of shading over a long period of time!
Magic Protector 2
A clearer picture on a black background, still in pencil etc.
Lark 2
There were a lot of awkward creases in her dress.
Fruit Bowl
There are vegetables in that too actually.
Lark 1
Her dress was very difficult!
My Hand
I have a deformed finger, I know. Hand drawn again, all my pictures are, and not easy to draw with one hand in front of ...
In danger of going Disney Princessish, she was supposed to be a pirate.
A Witch
Feel free to make this one better if you can.
Still Life- Tonal
Slightly out of proportion i know.
Flower Sketch
Done in 5 minutes.
A badly drawn tree
Trees a difficult, i have learnt this reccently.
No description
Probably a Sacraficial Virgin
Drawn in pencil. Not easy to draw a dress like that either i might add!
Rocking Horse
Unfinished part of a larger picture.
Venom and the Mak General
Fictional Charectors by my brother.
A Mossy Log
In the middle of a stream, very pretty it was.
Lark 3
My own fictional charector.
Jo and Graham
Second cousins... I think.
Xanthe would like to point out that people who look real are very hard to draw.
Interesting experiment, see how el you can draw a persons face in less than 5 minutes.
Penny and Frances
More faces, in a B2 pencil.
People at School
Daisy, George, Billie an Matt.
Sunny E. Kennedy
My best friend. In Charcoal.
Hansel and Gretel
Second time drawing with a computer now, still not very good, mas.
A fictional charector by my brother. Does it scare you?
First Time Using Sumo Tools
See what I could do with this drawing, using mouse.
Another Person
My first time ever drawing with a computer pretty much. I don't think it's too bad.
The Adept (outline)
I'm attempting to colour it now but it really isn't easy, if anyone better or worse at colouring (however bad ...
I'm getting the hang of this now.
The Hanging
Capital Punishment is a medieval practice and best forgotten.
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