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I still need your help dear Sumo friends!!! PETITION - Save Lake Suontee in Finland. More info: There are at least 40 names from Sumo, thank you so much!!! Still wishing some more
Quote:"100 % Sumo addict and using mostly Sumo features in my pictures. Remixes are always from my old Sumo images. I don't use any ref. pictures or bring them from other sources in Internet and if I do, there's always a notification under the picture."
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Zen Garden
Happy Easter for Gaby with love!!! The Yorkies are in the picture too. Look on either side of blue irises
No description
No description
City of Mosaics
Thank you Sumo developers for the new Mosaic filter
Memories from the 50's
No description
No description
Golden Dragon
No description
No description
No description
Autumn in Provence
Remix of 'Spring in Provence'
No description
Floating Orchid
No description
No description
No description
Birch Meadow
No description
Fantasy Butterfly
No description
No description
In the Wind
Remix of Iris sibirica
Young Birches
For my dear friend Coral as thank you for your friendship
Tuesday Blues
For Gaby, my dear computerless friend
The 18th December - Festive Christmas
Christmas Calender 2010 Music:
Enamelled Easter Eggs.
Remix of Easter Eggs
Himalayan Blue Poppies
Remix of Blue Poppy
No description
Pebble Mosaic
No description
Contemporary Glass Art
No description
In the Heart of A City
No description
City Night
No description
Attic Discovery
Remix of Iris sibirica All Sumo Paint
Himalayan Beauty
Remix of Blue Poppy
No description
LFC Exclusive Jewellery Collection
For Hallbe's Gem Challenge. All gems are from his mines. Thank you!!!
Only Dreams
No description
From VP With Love
Congratulations Dear Contessa Gabriella, your Humble Servant VP, Conte di Toscana
Spring greetings for Cini with love
Blue Lady
Remix of Mirror Image
Alpaca Yarns
Remix of Colours and Shapes
Interesting Discovery
No description
Chinese Good Fortune
No description
Wild Violets
Congratulations dear Gaby for more than 19000 favourites!!!
Ice Flowers with Azaleas
For Gaby friend 12.10.2010 with love LFC
From Finland with Love
Dedicated to great artist and friend Gaby with love and gratitude For Gaby's January Challenge Reference picture -...
Gem Display
For Hallbe's Gem Challenge.
Dimly Visible Fells
Remix of Fieldscape in Late Autumn. Sumo fantasy landscape
Flower Sketch
No description
Graphic Violets
Remix of Violets
Spirals and Stripes
No description
How to make texture
Learning to paint and draw
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