Being too busy ruins creativity :(
Quote:"An artist cannot fail ... It is a success to be one! :)"
Signed:14.04.2009 19:00
Logged:21.05.2012 20:39
Interests:painting, singing, dancing
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pencil drawing
Editing a pencil drawing by Night dragon. Finished :D
Finished :) I'm entering in Mgammer5's contest with this picture... I just love watching the sea, watching the...
Katrina 2
Just a sketch.. :) - Edited :D I had this song stuck in my head when i was drawing this: She's alone in the mid...
On horseback
:D love fairytales!
Juicy Glass 4
Whaha, was playing with it, and this looked cool ^.^
Juicy Glass 3
Finished on paper, now im going to remix this (adjust color and stuff)..
Finished! :)
How do you guys like it? Any tips?
A cute little dragon..
The cross- final version
Yep, i finished it! Added some 'morning sun' to the sky, symbolic for the hope the cross brings (the flowers a...
A peaceful sunset to fully enjoy..
More rain!
Made with black ballpoint, for gelidwolf's contest. Its finished :D Please leave comments or critics, I'd ...
Juicy Glass 5
This will me my entry for the contest... Hope you like it!
A sign of hope every morning
Gala girl-darker background
Done with pen and edited in Sumo, please comment!
The frangrance of the rose remains on the hand that gives it :-)
Pink Rose
Another rose from my own collection. Used a photo i made myself :D
Waiting for you
Never mind the title.. Its hard to get the colors right on this one. The original was a bit too grey-ish. Any tips on th...
Mount Fuji
Hokusai - inspired picture
Girl & butterfly 3
With better coloring :)
Gala girl
Done with pen and edited in Sumo
Mermaid step 5
Hehe, felt like going back and adjusting it again! Hope you like, any ideas/ critics are welcome!
Drawn from photo for contest..
The cross- detail
See? its only a bit of paint smashed unto a surface ^.^ Loved making the painting with this effect.. usually im so way t...
The Enchantress
Is that <i>just </i>a butterfly sitting on her hand...?
Pandoras box 2
This will be the final version.
Some random pictures
These are some pictures jammed together in one big picture... Just to experiment with flowers and leaves, i hope you enj...
For Yangs contest ;) Used a photo to draw this.
Moonlit thoughts 2
Experimenting :) Do you like it?
Made this last summer, using all kinds of seeds (mostly originally African seeds). It was a pity i had to leave it behin...
Just drew this, but its still unfinished.. :) I&#039;ll finish it in the weekend, I guess. But i already like it.. :...
Used another painting to get the pose right..
rose in water
:-) Like the title says ... a rose drifting under watersurface
Scan - Edited 3
FINISHED! The original is from Mahnea747
Taylor Swift
Drawn from photo.
Juicy Glass 2
thought I'd show you guys how something like this comes to be.. step by step :D
Red rose
Used a photo i made myself as a referrence. At first it looked a lot like the photo, but i started changing it and maki...
Juicy Glass
The first sketch of my entry for Shivali's epic glass aplple contest!
Rippling colors
No description
Hi there!
Drawn with pencil, then fixated it, then colored with watercolor pencils. I just improved the colors and shadows a bit.
Brush strokes
I always find it amazing how, with just a few strokes of your brush, you can make a whole picture.. And the one who look...
Just a start :) Original by Frizzy
A portrait of a friend of mine :) - Freehand digital picture.
Chinese Warship
One day I was looking for a nice background for my desktop when I found this awesome wallpaper: http://www.imgbase.inf...
Girl & butterfly
No description
Oriental City
With a Peter-Pan ship in the sky :)
Sad girl
Other colorscheme
Just a sketch.. :) Feel free to color/edit!
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