anyone want a request? XD
Quote:"liv to teh beat of ur own drum! XD"
Signed:26.04.2012 18:35
Logged:28.05.2012 18:03
Interests:I luv anime, gir, wolfs, and im going to be an anime artist one day in japan!!!!!!!
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IM GONNA SING THE DOOM SONG NOW!!! XD lol im so random
toby is sarah's boyfrend!!! HES MINE DONT STEAL!!! XD name: toby age: 17 speces: half wolf/human toby can c...
i hope i can finish this soon!!! XDD
My character from my book I'm writing!!!!! Her name is sarah!!! SHE BELOGS TO ME!!!!!!!!
Sarah my character!
i drew Sarah! she is my character!
For Boltsbiggestfan!!!
her fursona onyx!!! im not very good at drawin animals XDD I hope u like it!!!
for ryoubakura!!!! hope u like it! im not very good at drawing cats XDD
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