"Girl On Fire" Possibly the best song ever!
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Full body prize for Rinermai
This is old~ But I've nothing else to put up really xD
.:MockingJay Ref 2012:.
A reference for my new fursona, MockingJay! Known as "Jay" to her friends ♥ So heres some informati...
Mati stuff WIP 4
Fanart for the book "The Tygrine Cat." From left to right: Domino, Mati and Jess ~
New fursona ROUGH
Ok, so you guys are very lucky to see this, I'm not putting it on dA xD Just a idea of her colours and stuff. She&#...
Just a reference of my character Redpetal :3
.:Mad World:.
A kind of vent, drawn to calm me down a bit. To some extent it worked :) Personal stuff ~ Drawn to "Mad World.&q...
Gift for my buddy Joltstorm684 over on dA
Shedevil Commission
For someone over on dA ~ Erg Sumo Paint is so awkward for uploading >.<
Lol yep, gift for Storm on dA ~
Akuaseawolf commission
Another commission ~
Nothing much, just a doodle :3
Yay for wierd small gifts! Sorry she looks so wierd >.< I really need to try harder when it comes to gifts, ah wel...
Mati _+_ Isis_Ref
A reference for Mati (The Tygrine Cat) and Isis! They are a couple <3
A reference for my main OC Swiftclaw <3
My puppysona haz da mango~
Ok here it is! She has not got a name yet, but I think it might become Mango, lol I dunno yet >.< Anyway, hope yo...
Just a doodle of Spirit, practicing horses <3
Puppysona Headshot
Just a headshot of my puppysona~ I tried uploading her ref but Sumo just spazzed so I'll try again later :3
Dunno what this is, just trying some realism I guess *shrugs* Use it as you please!
Nothing much to say here, just a very colourful doodle, messing around with my brush settings :3 Trying a new eye style ...
Icon My Half
Well, since it's my icon everywhere else, and hell, its better then a reference for an icon, Imma use it here too x...
NewWarriors OC
So yeah xD It's just MockingJay as a cat, I took of her necklace because it didn't seem "Warriors" e...
.: ' I HATE it :.
I'm feeling very grumpy beuase of this fucking heat. So here, have a pissed off Jay. She hates it too. Go away S...
Some icons for me and my buddy Storm. MockingJay(left) (c) Me Arashi(right) (c) Joltstorm...
Jay Sketches
WOOT I was surprised by how this came out actaully. LOL Grumpy Jay. I have that face IRL Anyway hope you likes :...
MockingJay 'Girl On Fire' Form
So ya. According to many people I am incredibly similar to Katniss. This is mind, I made a "Girl On Fire" form...
.:The Girl On Fire:.
Its Jay! I like Jay in this picture, but the background sucks ass, hence why it's so dark xD Anyway, she's ...
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