Christmas is coming closer and I'm getting nervous.
Quote:"Be grateful for what you have, there's always someone worse off than you. Be positive! :)"
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The Flare Show
The new years best flare show!
Rabbit season
Run for your life little rabbit!
This one is going to be on a competition!
Sonic Chibie's
It was hard work to do this. I haven't drawn those originally. I only traced and colored them.
A kaleidoscope
A part of a kaleidoscope picture. And bright colours are a large part of my favorite colors! :3
Love at first sight
I think Kisame finally got lucky.
Run Tobi run!!!
Tobi thought that he needed a hug, and a joke.
Inside of a Blackhole?
We will never know what it will look like. And as far as you have seen most of my art is abstrackt.
Green Star
A beautiful looking green star.
A painting made using only 3D.
Autumn and Winter Collide
The two seasons collide.
Testing image
Just testing something random.
The usual routine
This is what happens every day...
Little Mermaid
A young little mermaid.
Deidara is up to no good.
Bomb + Tobi = Explosion.
Did I get spotted?!
Orochimaru tries to follow me.
The wierd and creepy dream.
Tobi and Deidara annoy Naruto, while I notice Pein......
Harry Potter 2 scene.
This scene shows Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley.
From: How to draw Chibies book.
I copied/drew a picture from the book.
If I joined the Akatsuki.
Personalities are pretty accurate, right?
Sketches 8 Miles "Tails" Prower
The ears came out wierd, but it just makes him look even cuter! :3
Some One Color Me Remix 3
Halloween Dark Sonic. He sure can go crazy when angry, huh? *shudder* Anyway happy Halloween everyone!
The links I know. Part 2
Here's part two, Oot: Adult Link, MM: Ogre- and Zora Link, WW/Toon/4 Links/ Minish Cap Link, Four Links: Green and ...
No description
Star Flower
When you look up to the sky you see a bizzare shape, that seems to be a flower. It looks like this close up.
Shadow And Light !
I made a little shadowy picture, with light.
Inside of a Snowflake
Ever wondered what it would look like? Here is my guess.
The Watery Dome
What seems to be lurcing under the ocean dome? No one knows....
Flower Bed
A flower Bed. With some imagination of course.
This pattern could even be done with tiles!
The world is spinning!!!
Wierd Cat/Human Thingy
I now that this picture is bad. But I will still show it to people. This is also a cat version of me.
You better not mess with me!
You better not anger my ninja self.
The fight between my alter egos.
The one in the middle is my first alter ego (signature). The one in the right is my most used alter ego (signature). And...
You wish.
I have always wanted to use magic.... *sigh*
The flight of the bee
This picture represents of how much I fear bees. And I really do that.. -.-'
The mysterious wolf
A mysterious wolf that is surrounded by mysterious symbols.
Hide and seek Akatsuki style.
The Akatsuki members play hide and seek. One forgot to hide.
Big Birthday Cake
A big birthday cake with sprinckles, candy and chocolate!
Mysterious image
An old image that i forgot to save to my account...
I opened the door and found...
This is from a game called adom.
The art echibition.
Modern art is plain wierd.... Even I could do it!
Randomness, TO THE EXTREME! Just kidding!
Genki-Desu sign
My own sign!
Meet He
I made him up.
I had a dream about Naruto Shippuden
My dreams are scaring me... My comment excplains it!
Which is your favorite color?
I love all colors!! <3
The Anakonda strikes.
A scene from the movie: Anakonda.
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