I REALLY EXTREMELY BADLY wanna go see "The Secret World of Arriety"
Quote:""Radical Bro....""
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Interests:I love drawing, making movies, singing, dancing, making cartoons, swords, vocaloid and japanese stuff, OH AND MY BFFS!
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AKA The legendary Ice Wolf (She looks better drawn in real life then on here)
My drawing of Setsuko
One of my new little fairy characters!!! I kinda messed up her hair, but, i think she still looks pretty
Scarlet Fanart
Here is soe fanart of Scarlet, origanally drawn by Animeartistx3! I hope you like it Amanda! Im sorry if I got some thin...
My warrior fairy princess of nature. I drew her before I drew Ayaka, but Ayaka was done first. Hope you like it!
A fun-loving 17 year-old! Who has a dream about becoming a rockstar! Hopefully it comes true. And Im sorry, but shes got...
Ice Wolf
Just the Ice wolfs eye.....
To Erin
This is to all my BFF'S. I want you guys to know that I really appreciate you. I will always have your back forever...
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