YES! HAS TABLET NOW! not very good at calibrating it with how I draw on apaer, though, so I'm really bad rioght now. ^//3//^
Name:Yoko Yamamoto
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:NCIS headquarters, hugging Abby
Quote:"No cats were harmed in the decapitation of this actor- Steven Colbert"
Signed:11.01.2012 02:05
Logged:29.05.2012 21:43
Interests: Disease, Tennis, Steven Colbert, Romeo X Juliet, maximum ride, fruits basket, ncis, spych, portal, terraria, music, art, animeminecraft, kittens, and billy joel, and the matched series
Images:119 (public images)
Favorites:108 (for user's images)

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OOOOH YEAAAH BAYBAY! (i love max. ride!)
My version of my profile pic
hand drawn, obviously
Finn Time, with Cake the Cat! coloured!
It's the best I could do without looking at a picture. Also, the "finn" part got cut off. Dedicated to th...
Finn Time, with Cake the Cat!
It's the best I could do without looking at a picture. Also, the "Finn" part got cut off. Dedicated to th...
Problem, Ash?
funniest pic out there. I did not draw this.
My version of profile pic
pretty good, huh?
2011-2012 038
my cutie
2011-2012 069
No description
usagi kirusagi
mah bff yall!
for ME?!?!?
happy early Valentines Day!!
Another early Valentines Day Pic!
YAY! took forever to make. On sumopaint.
Hex Colored
made by meh!
What I REALLY Do in Math Class
I only blanked out the problems because I am actually very smart for my age, and I don't care if you're older ...
LSP (lumpy space priness) human-ized!!!
lumpy space princess is from adventure time on cartoon network. i did this myself. this might be colored soon so be sure...
nearly finished
me in my fave outfit. almost finished, needs background. yes, i have white jeans I did not forget to color them in. htt...
ID for deviantart account. Tis me!
this is for anyone who read manga maximum ride
it's not max, but it's dedicated to my friend, Emsy. Even though she never read the books. ever.
me in the NCIS crew
zieva is kinda awkward... go me!
Hold me, I'm scared!
Another Abby pic.
Abby (my idol)
unfinished coloured
yoko yamamoto in my fave outfit! maby i'll colour it. any wayz, here's the sketch: http://www.sumopai...
it's about time! done. it's me. whew!
Yoko chibi!
did not make this... so.. yeah. heres where the thanks go to:
2011-2012 286
No description
2011-2012 030
No description
2011-2012 040
No description
2011-2012 025
No description
2011-2012 230
No description
Random Girl
i dunno... i was bored
girl listenin to music
made on sumo.
torhu honda !
rice cakes are surprisingly good.
cute girl that i really didn't do much to modify
totally cute pic that i did not draw, the magnificent owner of this is Vampire6056. Isn't it awesome!?!?!?
Max ride wings
Not made by me, but edited in It was made by someone on dA, though I don't know thier name, I completely...
Chibi me- I dare you
look at it sideways
Chibi me- I dare you Sumo'd
look at it sideways, it's redone
Me and Stella (mah 2nd kitteh) (she loves me!)
do you think the me is ugly??? Please write!!
Safety on Sumo
Please read!!!!! This needs to be signed, this needs to be spread around! Favorite this and get others to sign! If you h...
Future girl
by yoko. Like her boots?
Future girl coloured
by yoko. Like her boots?
unfinished sketch of Vocaloidtetoneru
just for you! i'll color it soon!
The Troll face Cabbage poem
this is entirely by me. no one may use it or claim it. to view better, click the "open in full veiw" button on...
Avian-Yoko logo
I drew this to be my picture for my deviant art account, : My devaint name ...
Aqua from kingdom Hearts
all credit goes to the owner. I did NOT trace this. U like?
yoko in mah BATTLE SUIT!
teh epicness YAYAH! Im all like, FOOL.
Contest!! READ THIS!
I is having contest! While I was making this quick pic, I couldn't make up my mind what to have her say, so I'...
Gettin' beter!
tell me if it's bad still
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