I wish i had a drawing tablet!! Then it would be a breeze to draw online!
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Pika Pika!
Chibi versions of my Best friends!
Includes EllieLuvsCows99, CrazyAlbert10 and HannahhBananahh!
Naruhina Chibi
Naruhina in chibi form!!
Naruto Sakura Sasuke Chibi
Not my drawing! I made a few changes, and added a few things No copyright intended!
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy from One Piece.
Sasuke Uchiha
Quick 15 minute drawing of Sasuke!
Nagisa Furukawa
Drew this around a year ago, it took me ages to draw since i had only started drawing Manga around that time to get hang...
Soft Pastel Eye
It was really quick and basic and i never usually draw in my soft pastels the eyelashes have been outlined in Liquid eye...
Quick Hinata Hyuga Drawing
Did a quick sketch of Hinata and done a chibi hand just because of the fact i couldn't be bothered to draw it.
Portgas D Ace
Sketch and outline of Portgas D Ace from the Whitebeard pirates in One Piece.
Ushio Takashi Original Character
An OC i did because i got bored, and i hardly ever so girls so here she is!
Monkey D Luffy picture Coloured in
Heres the sketched Luffy drawing coloured in because i got bored!
No description
Konohagakure OC
My own character, and yes i know it is rubbish i was in a rubbish bored mood when i did this. It's all in this guys...
A manga version of me i drew, yes i know its rubbish, its the first time i've ever done a full body manga drawing, ...
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