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Man and dog.
This is all gimp. My first image, I found a toturial and did my own thing. I found the picture here:
Holy alter
Tada Hallbe. My first try xD I'm quite happy with it myself if I can say so lol.
I have a dream
Angelina, where do you wanna go when the wind blows You running free, running to the sound of distant drum So long, yo...
Easter mysteri
Who stole Hallbe's egg?
Mr. Mr
No description
In a Spanish backyard
No description
Disco for my flies
Just playing around with a picture of some apple flowers and a fly.
Fabergé eggs
Peter Carl Faberge was a russian jeweler best known for his easter eggs: the faberge eggs.
My first try on making a steampunk piece.
I love Marilyn and I thought this little poem that I wrote fits perfect with her.
For Hallbe's future challenge.
Lookin' out my backdoor
The title may seem odd to you, but it all starter with Creedence Clearwater's amazing song, Lookin' out my bac...
Smile in the sky
I saw this drawing that Mariejobin had drawn, and I instatly thought about putting by background and her smile togheter...
The dancing yarn sun
and the girl that praise it.
Diamond ring
Here is the original picture:
Zombie on the loose
No description
The first steps
100% made with gimp.
Norwegian home
For Gaby's scandinavia challenge. Don't know if it's quite finish yet. But it works for now.
Mother and child
The idea of the picture was a young mom who sees the light in her little girl and in the baby in her belly. What do you ...
If you don't know me by now
I was listening to this song: and went in to f...
The safety of the wave
No description
Easter eggs
This one is for Lathyrus. Made in gimp. This was a first try playing around, so it's pretty simple. Happy easter ev...
Hey Hallbe!
Are you up for a camping trip? xD
The text and both photos belong to me.
Quiet steps
A poem I wrote and a simple picture to go with.
Run away train
When words leave off, music begins. ---Heinrich Heine
This is a response to Hallbe's who can dress my tree. I have just started using sumo. And I know this may be a litt...
Elizabeth Taylor
My little tribute to one of the most beautiful women on earth.
The fairies revenge
No description
Zombie on the run
No description
Looking in the mirror.
A remix of Hallbe's pice
Peacock's in love
No description
This one's for Hallbe. I brought the two thiefs together, but what they are p to I have no clue.
It all started out with this song:
Sunny elephant
Just playing around with noise and embossing.
Falling cubes
No description
A dusted old photograph
I guess I'm in the emotinal corner. http://www.yo...
A happy memory
No description
Janis Joplin
The one and only, Janis Joplin.
Proud woman
Original photo:
Under construction.
Bloody Mary
No description
A long lost memory
Like a long lost memory, I pick you up from the back of my thoughts. The battle I fought, I fought for you. And you...
Faded memory
Still you haunt my mind In your memory I find All the things we didn't get to have You where my one and only one...
Can I touch you there?
No description
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