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My grandchildren are coming to spend the day, no time to comment all these wonderfull works!
Name:Marie Jobin
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Signed:21.11.2011 16:11
Logged:27.05.2012 23:22
Interests:education, walking in the forest with my greyhounds, adoring my grandchildren, romantic ballroom dancing with my man.
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La chasse galerie
I (sort of) tried Andrea Bianco's beautifull tutorial, Lonely knight steps, to illustrate an...
Dawn in Flight
Sunday doodling with DeviantArt Muro (webink brush), Gimp (interactive distortion filter) and Sumo filters
Complete smile !
I can't stand it anymore! Therefore I hereby decrete that this is finished!!!! Thank you Kindre for a marvelous s...
For the 2012 Challenge Scandinavia by Gaby. Warrior Beowulf, which Scandanavian records tell us resided in Gautar, in s...
Easter Tree
An experiment with the ink tool, bevel mode, for the tree bark, Thank you Artysan for the good idea! ...Then I got carr...
Constantin Brancusi: Prometheus Pencil and paper, finished in Sumo ...
Study of an expression Note : No, I don't know what that eye has just seen or heard. Do you? Note #2 : Arty...
Vierge Inconnue
Breakthrough!!! I learned to build-up value very gradually, using low opacity and flow. Took all day but I'm so...
Cahier à colorier
First I did a paint-over in Art Rage, following directions in the Quick Start-Rose tutorial to get aquainted with some o...
Sky born
No description
Treasure Hunt
Come Easter morning, our grandchildren will go looking for hidden eggs! Can you find Hallbe's "ugly" eg...
All Sumo!
Lizard through coloured glass
This used to be a perfectly well ajusted lizard in a beautifull environment photographed by Hans Hillewaert http://commo...
To See Arouca
Photoshop manipulation with this breathtaking photo :
Le reel du diable
When the devil is the fiddler, just try to stop your feet from dancing!
The Trickster
The Trickster is a primary character in the Cirque du Soleil's KOOZA ; he created the world that is Koozå for...
I Feel Pretty
Lost Cat
Lost in layers and textures...lots of fun!
walking cat in sunday colouring book
Taking a break from drawing lessons, this colouring was relaxing. Im4fluties's walking cat http://www.sumopai...
I did a paint-over, then imported it in Sumo for ajustments and effects.
Marilise, ma petite fée à moi
A drawing cannot convey the beauty I see, but any grandmother would know that ;-)
Golden Dragon
Second half tone experiment, dangerously close to addiction!
Faster than the wind!
Remix My greyhound came out of my friend Arzshop's splendid abstract «Un vent d'hiver 2» http:/...
A first experiment in PhotoShop, then filters in Sumo. Just an experiment, but I found the brush strokes with the stylu...
Photo manipulation in Photoshop and SumoPaint Marilise sucking her thumb Merisier en fleurs, author Amalo http://uplo...
Mouth studies
No description
A Sneer (mouth expression exercise)
Graphite drawing. My teacher says it's amazing how hard it is to convey an expression with just the mouth. After t...
For Hallbe's Paint over / Remix / wildly manipulate Contest : Remix of Egyptian Woman http:...
Ice Queen
A late entry for Gabyconstanza's 2012 january Challenge Scandinavia
Spring Migration
Remix of Gaiel's Platinum mesh reflections2 I like Gaiel's quote ...
For Gaby's March Challenge Iberia Digital painting in Sumo Model : Tête de femme, Picasso http://bit...
5 pencils, 4H to 4B on smooth paper
Move over Rudolf!
How the greyhounds saved Christmas
Mmmm Maple Syrup!
Simple but happy photo montage of a wonderfull day at la cabanne à sucre.
Bathing in light
This one's for you, Hallbe, all done in sumo! Thank you for the inspiration!
The Eye of Dawn
This is a remix of Lathyrus' most beautifull Dawn in Iberia .Thank you ...
Le mauvais oeil
For Inkfeather's Bohemian Spirit «Bohémien» was a...
Remix of Debedeb's beautifull photo, 'updo' : and her 'Pe...
Ohhhh it says do NOT press... Remix of Scatamore's beautifull personnal photo :
Nuit d'été dans Honfleur
Remix : Photographer and artist : Scatamore
Molly Weasly (WIP2)
No description
Remix of Patovitch's Changement? :
Laugh !
Back to my mouth exercises. Pencils 4H to 4B on smooth paper. I don't know why I procrastinated for such a long...
Pink Kiss
Sumo manipulation of my graphite drawing
I don't know what I'm doing, haha!
I can fly!
It's just a childish collage, but see me fly !! haha! :
Envol 3D
Princess lost pacience and said I could remix
Scribbler Sally
I'm bringing her home to Sumo for colouring....
Girl from California
For GABY's Challenge Scandinavia They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so I tried to paint u...
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