Zombie rp..... start? or not? no ones ever on...
Residence:In wonderland @~@
Signed:08.10.2011 01:43
Logged:01.06.2012 22:49
Interests:Everything :3
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Rachel (for Anniepannies contest)
Name: Rachel Wall Gender: female Age: 15 Weight: 100 Height: 5'10 Eye color: greenish blue. Hair: ginger...
Max x3
yeah.... i love him.. so much... hes like, my dream guy.. oh and the cat! i know its creepy......... oh wells.. i was...
Scratch art; wolf eyes
sooo, it was a school project to make a animal using scratch art. i, personnally, think eyes are a large part of connect...
bio later... this is chibi..
Circus anyone??
Rp picture ^^ and yes, its a base =-= im lazy.... i dont EVER use them... and the red things in her hair are not wounds...
Me <3
girl looking down bird below that me with the peace sign shirt random girl with pigtails kitty on far right and ...
Marley ^^
Name: Marley. ^^ no last name o3o Age: 17 Gender: female XP species: fallen angel. Eye color: chocolate Hair color...
Max ^^
im totally not done QnQ question:should he fall in love with someone? o3o Answer: thats where you come in!!!!
Ora ^^
dont know if I should make her an OC or not, I really like her, I mean, shes pretty darn cool. but... I dont know. any...
Layla, in half form
(i wanted to try and draw the back of someone o3o, i will draw her front later.) and i know she has no clothes on =3= be...
Layla (front, human form, not half form. thats whu she doesnt ha
yup, and a litle bonous for ya'll, a step by step thing how to draw her eyes. but i got lazy so i only drew 3 steps...
Kats story
Her father swung her up and down in his arms, a warm smile spread across his face. Her giggle, her bouncing blue hai...
For Silverfurs rp =3
totally wanted to ake a wizrad kid, then i saw the rp and was like, hey, cool! so...... Name: William Safirah or Will ...
Alex: The zombie killing badass.
Name: Alex King Weapon: a rusty metal baseball bat, or gun, or knifed. But mostly baseball bat. Gender: Female...
Name: Layla (meaning: night beauty) Age: 22 species: werewolf! :D Gender: female :P Eye color: faded blue? Fur col...
Wip o3o
for a contest
Clair :3
sorry Casiria!! ;n; i lost my other, then i re drew it, but it was bad one so i drew this, and it still doesnt look righ...
chu~ <3
just trying tools ^^
robot love
made all on ipod drawing and editing app ;3
maya OC
bio later :/ shesd the daughter of zeus
No description
doodle page ^^'
ninja in corner girl looking down bird below that me with the peace sign shirt random girl with pigtails kitty on...
Kat not done
No description
will wip
No description
distand stare
No description
hair practice o^o
No description
zombie rp!!!!!!
.... i am really lazy...... The rp will start soon (in a week or something like that) If you want to join all i need...
Mayo :3
this is mayo.... yeah. i had a dream i was at a shopping for food and i went to buy mayo. i got to the mayo section and ...
No description
wip for marls
No description
Let the colors of your heart show <3
i made the line art on corel painter =3
Dreary face
um.. i dk?
wip ^3^
No description
wip o3o
No description
Sam (flat color wip)
No description
hold on~
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