School's tiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name:M i c
Residence:A maple tree
Age:14 years
Quote:"Dreams may be mysterious but it pays to take the time to think about their meaning."
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Logged:01.06.2012 16:24
Interests:Anime, drawing, writing, kawaii things, fingerless gloves, ties, colored pencils, squirrels, scarfs, everyday objects, being a brunette, Harry potter movies and books, many other things but I didn't want to name them all. XD:3^#^
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This is Hanon. Hanon is The Aqua Mermaid Princess from the anime show Mermaid Melody. Check it out on
This is my character i madefor mermaid melody. She is the Teal Mermaid Princess. She is 12 years old as of this year (20...
Merry Christmas Katie. Yellow + Green your favorites. ;)
To Katie with love from Michayla. Merry Christmas.
Let the Pikachu be with you. Heh heh, random sentence. I really did this in less than 5 min. so I wouldn't say this...
i was just playin around with sumo paint so this isn't my best and we *all* know that.
Chibi Anime
Please remix!!!!!!!
Pokemon Umbreon!!!!! Yay~! for Evee evolutions!!!!!
Nyan Cat Sphere
Ever wonder what Nyan Cat would look like on a bouncy ball? Well, here we go.
Anger >:(
Random emotions.
Remix. (and a very detailed remix at that)
I gonna put this on remix too. She is wearing my fav sweatshirt too!! Woop!
No description
This is so true. Poor people out there. Saddness~ Awww~~~
i put this on remix so I can see what people can make
Me as a Sim
My mysims character. I put it on remix just in case. ;) ^#^ :3
Violet Nightshade (Anime)
I got bord and I drew a picture of Violet from the mysims games in anime form. I might color it later. I put it on remix...
random tealness!
Winter Wonderland
This is dedicated to WINTER!!!!!
Doodle doodle doodle. Sooo~ adorable. Look deep into his eyes. Don't you feel his pain? (What ever he's feelin...
this is so random it literally took like 2 minutes
idk random little eyes
Idk what this is i just started doodling and this happened so. yeah. it kinda looks like a whale or something i'm n...
Espeon be awesome!!!!!
Luchia (Pitchi Pitchi Voice Form)
This is Luchia's Pitchi Pitchi form from the anime series Mermaid Melody. Whatch it on
Luchia Hanon and Rina
They are pink (Luchia), blue (Hanon), and green (Rina) mermaid princess's from the anime series, Mermaid Melody. Ch...
pokemon mew!!! woohooo~...!!!!
This is Sara's black form. She had changed into this form when she had thought Miskei had betrayed her causing her ...
I made this mermaid princess for my friend Analise. She is the gold mermaid princess.
Hanon (Pitchi Pitchi Form)
This is Hanons Pitchi Pitchi Form from the anime series Mermaid Melody. Check out Mermaid Melody on
Seira is the other orange mermaid princess after Sara. I know I've said this many times but check out Mermaid M...
Luchia is the main character in the anime series mermaid melody. She is the Pink Mermaid Princess. Whatch Mermaid Melody...
Princess Hanon
This is a color over of luchia as a princess. It is meant to loo lie Hanon but i didn't spend alot of time on this.
Umbreon and Espeon
Chibi Umbreon and Espeon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adorable!!!!!!
Rina is the Green mermaid princess from Mermaid melody. check it out on
This is Karen. Karen is The Purple Mermaid Princess from the anime show Mermaid Melody. Check out Mermaid Melody on yout...
Sara is the orange mermaid princess in the anime series, Mermaid Melody. Check it out on
Anime rocks. this is all free hand. or free mouse.
Makeup Me
This inspired me because I go by a saying. Actually alot of sayings but you guys reading this probably know what I mean....
Anime Girl
This is kinda based off me. I love to wear gloves and stuff so ya. ;)
I saw something like this on a youtube video so I paused it and created another version of it. Hope ya like it!
Teal Pearl Voice! (me)
This is my Pichi Pichi character that I made myself. This is based off of one of my fav. anime shows, Mermaid Melody. ...
This is a remix. Woop woop!!!!
Anime girl
Anime girl!!!! Ribbon!!!!!!
Metallic Teal
I got bored! Made this. 5 minutes or so.
Noel is the Aiiro (Deep Blue) mermaid princess in the anime series, Mermaid Melody. Whatch it on
Chibi Cat Teal
Chibi kitty in teal. oooohhh. ahhhh. kawaiii!!!!!!!!
... random script thing I made. ... Bloo~oop.
alone in a meadow (remix)
This is a remix! Bloooooop!!!!!
surprise (remix)
Ah~ Remixing. Love it. Once again. "Ah~"
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