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Age:17 years
Quote:"Until further notice, we are all suffering from a particular brand of insanity that causes us to believe we are sane. "
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Interests:Learning to draw something decent. :) Everything here is very much work in progress.
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I decided to try painting some marbles. I found glass one of the more interesting things to try and replicate realistica...
Rainy Day
Rain is so much better when you have a rainbow umbrella. :3
Harvest Mouse
I saw the picture of one of these and I simply had to paint it. ^-^ I can link the reference pic if anyone's intere...
Light Apple
I had a painting for an apple and didn't know what to do with it. x3
Through the Flames
dun dun DUN, melodrama to the max. Practicing effects in the background of this little guy. Fast painting.
Autumn Sunset
A quick little painting I did.
I am not planning to become a mangaka anytime soon, but since its such a popular style I thought I might try it out. Wow...
Endless Sky
I don't usually draw landscapes, its a little sketchy. But I wanted to paint something that gave a feeling peace an...
Magic Box
Added layers with the usual wild abandon. The ickle bunny is the only reason I decided to post this. .‿.
Night Owls
Oh those silly derpy owls. :3 I draw them an awful lot.
In flight
My own central dream.
A bronie friend requested a painting of her, and this is what I came up with. :)
I felt like painting her. She is another of my characters, I'd tell you her part in my 'imaginary' story,...
The Everyday
^That is the theme of my piece. This is what I have been working on all schooltime. Jeebus, over many, many hours. For a...
The Void
A friend wanted me to painted his avatar, which happened to be this:
Midnight Garden
Would you just look at this mess. But as consolidation I have gratuitous glowy-ness and crazy unrealistic colours. I...
Blossom Opens
A Spring themed painting, Easter made it official. Done fast. Speedy pictures often come out better strangely, my im...
Tangerine Wings
Another fast picture. In other news: I found out what the 'spacing' feature does on Sumo. I feel so silly....
Deep Sea Fishes
A colourful underwater scene. You can't have too many patterns in my opinion. :3
Colour Communication
Well this was fun to make. ^-^ Hm, nothing constructive to say, other than she reminds me of SF-A2 Miki a little. :)
Quick sketch. It looks so much more professional in the thumbnail. The poor disappointed faces. Q_Q
Its hard to tell if this colourful alien means you well or harm. Pretty rubbishy at some points, however sparkles im...
Transformice Fanart
D'aww, its fun to draw cute little mice. :3 This was my first drawing in Sumo, so its not that good but I thought I...
Call from the Depths
I was listening to another Love Is War remix, which is where the girl-with-megaphone idea came from. :) Attempted using ...
I couldn't think of an effective title so I decided to name the character instead. It is derived from the name of t...
[S] Rise
Titled because this was vaguely inspired the original [S] JOHN. RISE UP. flash (homestuck). If you crossed a party p...
Jester Mask
Its a shame it doesn't have any jingly bells, because then you would hear it coming. :3
Sketches of Dreams
Doodles over a moonlit ocean. Open in full view please. :)
I am surprised I do not see more of these random spladoodles. Sumo is great for just messing with. n_n As you can tell i...
Speed painting. More soul than ...quality(?) here I think. ^_^
The Sweets Inspector
Simple drawing, not much shading on the character as I didn't use a reference. Could use more tone. :| The hair loo...
Starlit City
Ever wanted to paint something for so long, and its been in your head all this time but you just couldn't quite vis...
Raining Sunlight
I feel the need to rush to sumo everyday without a plan. Its nice to paint just what you feel like, for once. Basic...
Chilly Nights
*shivers* Its getting to the snuggly hot water bottle season. ^o^
Butterfly Mouse
ITS A MUTANT. O: And a cute one, at that. The proportions are all wrong I know. >.< I can't pose mice any...
The Handmaid
Don't mess with Lord English. It was about time I did some Homestuck artwork anyway. I need halp and criticism.....
Got it finished at last. Alright except for the background, there is a fine line between abstract and lazy. I wish I had...
Underwater Shell
Messing about on Adobe Illustrator, (which luckily enough I got for free from school to use for 'educational' ...
Large painting I made while avoiding studying realism. I would of gone on forever if Sumo had not begun lagging terribly...
Took a break from a large painting I am working on, and did this. Shadowy-ness of the subject was the main objective h...
The Post-scratch ancestor, Aranea of Homestuck. But I find plain characters drawings boring, so I went crazy with the Li...
I need to concentrate on my landscapes more. These abstract, patterned offshots are always what appear when I am trying ...
Dragon Wasteland
I am happy enough with this picture. Its a bit messy round the edges, but it was very enjoyable doing an interesting pos...
Exam piece. (You will note from my lack of whining how I am 0k with this.) Oh yeah, and its large so fullview is ...
Realistic Portrait
Tried to paint a normal photo as best as possible. Just trying to get as true to life as possible, I need the practice....
More art-exam boredom. I accidentally Christian symbolism. o: I just wanted an arms-outstretched pose and suddenly it we...
Itchy Ears are the Worst
Her name is Clover. c:
Candy Addict
Very little to say here. Another doodlescape. >:L
Crazy Little Face
Use full view if you will. And Happy Halloween everyone. ;D
A Tribal Mask
A digital and simplified version of an art piece I did for a unit on Identity.
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