MESSAGE TO ALL CONTACTS::: IF YOU WANN TALK ADD ME ON SKYPE CUS RIGHT NOW IM NOT GONNA BE ON FOR A LONG TIME!!!!! well heres my info::: frankiefreaxx now when you guys get to me, say ur screenname so i know who the ehck you are!!! THANKS GUYS!!! < 3
Name:Awesome Sauce
Residence:Everyone is a unicorn, and they
Age:16 years
Quote:"I like trains ._."
Signed:29.08.2011 09:43
Logged:18.05.2012 18:36
Interests:Bands i like are Asking Alexandria, Philmont, Abandon All Ships, Breathe Carolina, Forever The Sickest Kids, I just really love music and art, and i musnt forget the all powerful foxes! and Vocaloid!
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Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper :)
hehe Kingdom Hearts fans, unite!! :DDD lmao hope you like! I did this on paint, gimp and photoshop :) lmao fav, 5 star, ...
Black Rock Shooter
here, some stuff i drew in study hall :) hope you like it
Manga Cover number One
Uhggggghhhhh!!!! I hate this soooooo much, but we'll see what you guys think, I'm gonna scan it and make some ...
Hatsune Miku
I drew this while listening to Last Night, Goodnight (music box version) HOPE YOU FAV AND 5 STAR THIS. I used Gimp, like...
Gumi O u O
HEHE MADE IT ON SUMO PAINT 100% :D this took forever, but I hope you like it guys, Gumi, the second, one. I'm think...
High School picture on Iscribs
hehe I like how this one turned out. The shading is mine, but i doo give credit to the line art of mine! I drew on the 1...
Request Finished
for my friend here on sumo... her name is a bunch of numbers but here, i think it Powerpuff-something, idk... but yeah I...
Happy BirthdayDadomo o w o
Danny Worsnop
Hehehe from Asking Alexandria :) hope you like, sorry it was so small but I used Gimp, and got the size cropped and stuf...
Manga Cover Number 2! (With words for once!!!!)
okay so this one is with words on it. I wanted it to look all "japanese-ie" and stuff, so google translate hel...
Justin (my friend from school)
Hey guys look! It's Justin THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME USE YOUR PAD!!!!!!!! here have a picture
Self Portrait (without glasses not done yet)
it something in art that we have to do. We have to make a self portraint of ourselves and we have to do it on a comp. My...
Pisces :)
here you go, Dadomo, your ZODIAC SIGN: PISCES!!! lmao Going along with the Zodiac theme, I'm thinking about maybe h...
Mina (For Minalovesrock)
hehee for you my love, hope you like it!
Sumo Collab with Vocaloidtetoneru
this is Rainbowcookie's collab with me :D we made it on twiddla together (the lineart) and then she made her person...
Chibi Colab withRainbowcookie ***completetion***
Drawn in sumo ^^ Hope everyone likes it :) Vocaloidtetneru Here:::: Thank for everything Rainbowcookie :DDD love you...
lookit, another Lolli picture! This one was just sitting in my laptop to so I thought, "GASP!?!?! OHEMGEE I COULDUS...
Leo and Scorpio
haha tada! Hope you guys like it!!!!!
Its Mio from K-On! Hope you like this one. I used Gimp, this cool new thing on my school laptop! :D hope this one gets a...
Liam and his BF
yes this is him and Lucas. Liam is left, lucas, right. I took the pic <3
Fox o u o
hehehe done on here but then i went home and did it on gimp! 2 layers and a Neon Edge Detect tool later and TADA! ME IN ...
Picture of me
lmao lookit its meh!!!!!!!!
Akita Neru
i hope you like it as much as i do, this is my first picture...hope you like it!!!!!!
tis Miku what else do you need to know to see this?!?!?!?!?!
Megurine Luka!
hehe luak is my fave, next to Gumi :D lmao Gumi Is Next tune in!
Luke look alike
hehe my best friend ever LUKE SMITH!!!!! deal with it bitches ^^
No name yet!!!!
here you guys try and get a name for here, a doodle i did in like seventh grade! have fun with finding a name for her an...
THIS IS NOT MINE.... just thought i'd tell you that before I WAS ACCUSED OF PLAYGERISM! (or however you spell it) ...
PewDiePie Doodle! :)
this is PewDiePie, Youtube sensation :) Hope you like it!!!! it took about 10 minutes
Sumo-Iscribs pic
MADE ON ISCRIBBLE! finally got one (thanks Silver)
character: Miri
This is a remake of Liam's Oc Miri. I hope you guys like it i used my bestie Justin's PAD lmao I want one RIII...
No description
This is Luka deveryone! this is not mine, but i hope you like it anyways!
Megurine Luka again, but this time, i spent a little more time on this one...
Luka line art (remix me!!!)
here you guys remix this, i tried to make one with multiple layer, but gave up and did one >.< lmao but remix as y...
Miku Hatsune
World Is Mine Line Art! I found it on google, but the site was blocked at my school, but know that It's not my line...
chibi base (hve fun!)
this is something that I may use as a contest base! okay so it might be:
This is not my art, Just coloring in LolliVampire's picture that she left undone :) Trust me I asked first! Now her...
Klien Oak
oh em geeee
Teto and Neru <3
:) hope you like it :) <3 TETO AND NERU FOR EVER!
Miku and Teto
hope you like it :D
contest entry
hehe this for a contest entry for the fifties lmaoooooo hope you like it, i never finished it tho, might work on it a li...
Sayuri (my first OC)
I FOUND A NAME! THANK YOU AKARI778!!!!! :DDDD her name means (Lily) and she's going to be the spirit in my manga ca...
Liam and friends T^T
this is the last picture we took, before Liam commited suicide... please, stop this madness in this world, beacuse of pe...
final copy of Bakuman copy
this is not mine, i remixed it from someone else okay ~NOT DONE YET!~
Sumo Collab with Rainbowcookie
drawn on twiddla, and some on sumo, so I hope you guys like the final result.... random time THE WHOLE TIME I WAS D...
Cheer up emo kid"
Justin made me ._. enough said...
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