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Quote:"If they ever stop being hypocrites, I'll eat my fanfiction!"
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Interests:Pokemon, Warrior Cats, things of that nature. Dragons are awesome too... but I can't draw them worth squat.
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Rainbird Lineart (Still a WIP)
*headdesk* Newest update. This is all for tonight. *sighs*
Cat Sketch 2
Again, the product of the redrawing of Susiron's redline for me. In pencil.
Imaginary Friends For IAR.jpg
Some of the characters for a friend's GN. ^^
Dorky the Dino
This is my imaginary friend, Dorky the Dino. Yes, I understand that there's a Dorki the Deino in one of my other im...
Crowfeather of WindClan
A drawing of Crowfeather for a contest on the forums. Only the eyes have been edited so far.
Cedarfall and Family
Another drawing of something on the forums, this one drawn of my own accord. Cedarfall's brother, Gorseheart seems ...
This is the completed request for *.Mosspath.*
Chibi Legal!!!.jpg
Well... I got really bored after beating the third Professor Layton game for the umpteenth time, and then this happened....
Dusk the Absol
This is a picture of Dusk, the Absol belonging to the main character in my Pokemon fanfic. I used pen and colored pencil...
Dorki the Deino
Isn't she cute? Pen, pencil, and colored pencil were involved in this one. Now that I look at it... her feet look a...
Just an Entei. Same media as usual. ^^
Heather Harmonia
The main character from my fanfic, who is N's twin sister. The quote got cut off during scanning, and I don't ...
Spazzy Chibi Ivystar (WIP)
I understand it's not fully colored. I'll work on it later, but I drew this out of boredom. There's a the...
SPOILER!!! Legal Luke Laughing
Okay, it's Clive. So, I completely forgot to take off the writing, so I apologize if I just ruined the game for you...
Misty the Froslass
Another of Heather's Pokemon. Misty is one of Heather's more shy companions, but she's lovable all the sa...
Pokemon Chibis
Just a few Pokemon chibis that I drew out of boredom. Personally, I love the Absol, but realized a little too late that ...
Shadow Chibi
Shadow just became chibi!!! ^^ I was bored, and I love drawing this face. I used my typical media. After all, I'm n...
Shadow the Umbreon
Another one of Heather's Pokemon, her favorite to be exact. Yep, he's a Shiny Umbreon. I used the typical pen,...
Rainbird Sketch
A little sketch I did this morning. I think it came out okay, and it's currently just in pencil. Oh, and I used a ...
Rainbird Lineart (WIP- Head Done!!!)
I'm trying to outline Rainbird here using MSPaint. *headdesk* IT'S SO FREAKING SLOW!!! Anyway, here's the...
Rainbird Sketch
SO SLOW.... Here's a small update.
Cat Sketch 1
This is the product of redoing Rainbird using the redline image from Susiron [Thanks again!]. Honestly, I'm quite p...
Rainbird Sketch
SHE'S DONE!!! My poor, aching fingers... Stupid wireless mouse and MSPaint... Anyway, this is Rainbird, using a lit...
Cat Outline
Ah, here's the official, not-splotchy-with-eraser-marks lineart. I can use this for requests as well if you like.
A cat I drew for someone's contest on the Warrior's Forums.
Angry Bluestar!!!
I actually did this on my iPod using the Sketchbook X app. ^^ I'm very proud of how it turned out.
Sad Kit Lineart
This is the lineart I used for when I drew Whitestorm as Whitekit on the Sketchbook X app. I understand part of it is co...
Angry Cat Lineart
This is the Sketchbook X Lineart that I used for my "Angry Bluestar." I like how this came out.
Psycho Mudclaw
I was just doodling on Sketchbook X, and I realized my doodle was beginning to look like a Psycho kitty. Then I thought ...
This is Foxflame, ~Pebbletail~'s request on the Warriors Forums. She's officially finished.
Mizu of ShiningPack
Pencil sketch I did of one of my favorite RP characters. I like the way it came out for my very first wolf. ^^ However, ...
Whitefur (Whitefur of SunClan's Request).jpg
A request I did for Whitefur of SunClan on the Warriors Forums. This is her character.
Yes, I came up with that name without any help. He's one of my favorite RP characters on the Warriors Forums.
A picture for my buddy, Burneh. *grins* I got the bubbles!!!
Altomare Banner.jpg
A banner I drew for my favorite Pokemon roleplay on the Warriors Forums. ^^ I'm very pleased with it!
My potential fursona. I like how she turned out. ^^
Shaderush's Request.jpg
A request for someone on the Warriors Forums. Picture includes Spinda, Stantler, and Skarmory.
Fallensky (Treeblaze's Request).jpg
A request for ***Treeblaze*** on the Warrior's Forums.
Twinge (The Wishing Well's Request).jpg
A request for someone on the forums. ^^
Cloudpebble .jpg
A request for Deerleaf on the Forums.
Turtleleaf's Request.jpg
A request for someone on the Warrior's Forums. The Swampert's head still looks funny. :/
The Chibi Page Of Randomness!.jpg
Just more spazzy chibis that I adore! ^^
Sketch Dump #1
Just a little something that happened in English class involving my pen and a pencil. XD Rishia was having one of those ...
Temporary 'Sibling Rivalry' Cover.jpg
Just a temporary cover for my fanfic, "Sibling Rivalry." I used pencil, blue pen... and I think the red is col...
A cat for a contest on the forums. I like the way she turned out. ^^
Luna the Rogue (Mistyfrost's Request).jpg
Another request for the forums. This one's for Mistyfrost, and this is Luna the rogue. ^^
Dorki the Deino Digitalization.jpg
My first digitalization! This is Dorki, who I simply did a traditional drawing of before. This was done with GIMP. Ignor...
I Own You - HollytalonXStormstar
A little doodle for two characters in a friend's fanfic. I had the song "I Own You" by Shinedown stuck in...
Nyan Idoshi
A little thing from "Fluffbuckets and Other Allergens." Idoshi is the main character in the GN, and I used a r...
Magic Bananas 4
A little bit of artwork to commemorate reaching the rank of StarClan member on the Forums; Panel #4
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