I just bored...
Quote:"Even though bad things may happen, good things will come along"
Signed:02.08.2011 02:06
Logged:28.12.2011 18:21
Interests:Soccer, art, reading
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First Painting
My first painting!!!
No description
A picture of me: jujubees2000
by namco
My crazy design
My first cool design
My First Sketch
As you will start to see, I like to sketch cartoons. this is my first one! look forward to more!!!
I'm Tired
I decided to name this character Bobby :)
No description
No description
Bobby jokes
No description
i really dont no wat to name my finished projects anymore
a pretty flower
No description
Another Bobby
I drew another original Bobby!!!
Live, Love, Laugh
this was a request from maddi0 A.K.A my bffl :) Hope you enjoy!
Those are one of my best friends initials!!!! I luv ya!!!!
Chubby Penguin
My cousin gave me a sick obssession with these little fellas
Stupid Global Warning
You could take this in a serious way or a funny way. i looked back on this picture and i saw it could go either way! enj...
Harry Potter
This is my cartoon Harry Potter
Anime eye
Its really lame but I'm trying to teach myself how to do this :)
Symettry fun
No description
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