Name:Tia Crouse
Residence:Under your bed >:3
Age:14 years
Quote:"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words melt my brain tissue :p"
Signed:12.07.2011 23:34
Logged:17.11.2011 04:56
Interests:Invader ZIM, drawing Invader ZIM, watching Invader ZIM, talking about Invader ZIM, and elliminating haters :p
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This is a drawing of my chihahua, Paco. It's not good, but it's a start. I hope I draw dogs better in the futu...
Zim eats waffles
Guess who made waffles!?
Zim made sandwiches
From the episode: Back seat drivers from beyond the stars. I just thought Zim looked so cute holding the plate of sandwi...
Pika pika
B***h stole my Donut
A funny idea i thought of while watching invader zim. It just sort of popped into my head.
To Earth!
I made it myself. Took me about 4 days. (lol?) Now comment, or i'll melt your face off or something!(from Invader Z...
Zim and Mar
Zombie G.I.R.
LOL IT SUCKS!!! that's cause I was so bored. I don't even know why I made this! I guess I just wanted to see G...
Zim and Gir
From Invader Zim. I love this show ^_^
Zim and Dib
They are beating eachother up. Enjoy ^_^
Friendship of Doom
This is dedicated to Invadermomoko, one of me and my brother's closest friends on Sumo.
Invader Zim
A drawing of zim that's supposed to have color and a background, but it's not finished yet. NOT FINISHED!!! U...
LOL im ugly.
Momoko in Gir hoodie
My friend Invadermomoko said that she wanted a Gir hoodie so i sort of gave her one. XD
I Support I.Z.F.A.S. ]o>
LOL took me 3 hours XD Anyway, if you are an Invader ZIM fan and want new episodes, join or support Invader ZIM Fan Anim...
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