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Quote:"You know you play a lot of Skyrim when you start to pick up a Nordic accent."
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Interests:DNAdopts, dragons, wolves, foxes, cockatiels, Pokemon, Digimon, Bleach, Nyan Cat, Fullmetal Alchemist, Homestuck, drawring, sumopaint
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The Awesome Threesome
I used a ref when doing the lineart for this, and tried out a new style of shading as well. I focused hard on the anatom...
Patch the Kiwaki
This is a new character of mine, her name is Patch. <br> Name: Patch <p> Species: Kiwaki (see http:/...
Fox Lycae
DNAdopts fanart. Lineart by Agent KC, the founder and administrator of the site. I did the shading and colouring myself.
This is my pokesona, Lyra. She's a shiny Ninetails. Her flames are so hot that they are blue, just like the tips of...
My half of a cake-themed art trade with Tak. I dunn know how they're sitting on a cloud, but who cares! THERE'...
Kematian vs. DotFox
The ultimate faceoff! This is for Orifiels's Tanuki contest. Contest link:
Red Wolf
Drew this on a public board on iScribble.
The weather's been extremely hot where I am, and I've been sweating puddles. Here's DotFox melting into a...
MELTING (digital)
Here's the digital version of DotFox melting into a puddle of sweat. I simplified by making her a cartoony doodle x...
My new wolf-dragon OC. Her name is pronounced like "airs"
Colab between me and TJ360. They're fighting some random wolf demon thingie. GiantFox (c) TJ360 DotFox (c) me Ra...
Traditional Dump
All images I hadn't uploaded/scanned. They weren't drawn together, I just squished them together using Photosh...
DotFox's new Reference
She got totally redesigned. Took me three days to come with this.
Derp bear says derp.
iScribble DotFox
What is it with me always makink foxes on iScribble with green aura backgrounds? The world may never know...
Flatcolour. No shade. Yup.
iScribble Tanukis
Ori and i were iScribbling, and we decided to draw Tanukis. Ori drew inky and I drew DotFox as a Tanuki since i don'...
Look! It's GiantFox!
I had this urge to draw TJ360's fursona, GiantFox, so here she is! I only noticed at the end that I made her tail k...
The Pain
Vent art. Ohmanthistookfrikkinforever! And I actually shaded :O
GiantFox digital version
Here's the digitally coloured version. I'm quite happy with how the shading turned out :D
Floating along
My half of a Summer-themed art trade with Thylaphlis. Adarx (c) Thylaphlis Art (c) me Drawn on Paint Tool Sai Thylap...
First Blood
This is Tsumidari, my more... violent... character. He was an adoptable from Nightwing I got a while back (
Best bird I've ever drawn. Drawn on iScribble.
Did this for an art trade between me and popstar. The fox on the left is my OC, DotFox, and the cat on the right is Hype...
Emsileas was blind from birth. Born into the world with no eyes, he learned to sense the aura given off by other living ...
I wanted to draw DotFox all ticked off and liek, so I edited one of the pencil doodles I had of her, And I made it all c...
My Jeaxt adoptable from MutantDX; THANK YOUS o3o <br> Anyway, Ielladros was abused by his parents as a child, an...
Remember this?
GiantFox Pencil sketch
I was drawing some wolf heads for practice (though I'm actually SUPPOSED to be practicing paws), and while I was at...
I lub Taki FANART~ Tak (c) Foxtailtakeru Art (c) me Drawn on Paint Tool Sai
Somebody got in a fight. He ripped the gold necklace off the corpse of his opponent :U Azo (c) me Art (c) me Drawn on...
DotFox not happy. lol I actually like this backgroung. REDNESS~ DotFox (c) me Art (c) me Drawn in Paint Tool Sai
Yup, I drew DotFox in a more anthro style Open in full view to see the texture detail of the hair :DD DotFox (c) me A...
Sake and Giant Butterflies
For my art trade with GiantFox. The theme was under the cherry blossoms, and this is what I came up with. Im is drunk on...
Everyone Has a Dark Side
For my art trade with MutantDX, I drew Night. I drew this with PSE 8, but I kinda wish I had used something diferent. I...
Aruzi adoptables (one of them is still free)
1. Taken by ME (Yes, indeed) 2. TAKEN by Mutantdx 3. FREE 4. TAKEN by Or...
iScribble Azo!
Can you tell I spent some time on iScribbs? xD
I crafted a Hyper
Ehee~ I drew Control for Orifiel. I started this a while ago but just recently did the shading SO I hoope u liek it ...
Dragon in the Mist
So, that photo I had, I drew a dragon and used it as the background :D
Eastern Dragon
I know, I might have overdone the fog and lightning. But WHATEVER. Drawn during a Livestream. Art (c) me
It's GREEN! O_o
Randomly drawn in iScribble. YESH I USED A REF.
iScribb doodles~
I did a private board with one of my friends from DNAdopts on iScribble. Yus, I did the grey fox, the rabbit, the squirr...
Little Perv
I drew a Viximon on is=Scribble, her eyes just made her look like a pervert, so i added the thought bubble.
My adoptable from myself. Gender: Male Bio: coming soon.
Coloured this thing Lawlfox made. IT'S AZO! Lineart (c) Lawlfox Azo (c) me Coloured with Paint Tool Sai
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