may be i should draw an alois to go with my ciel.. what do you think? kuroshitsuji is too amazing for me to go and mess up another one of their priceless characters
Quote:"consciously we've conquered all the eye can see but still constantly concocting more consequences."
Signed:19.06.2011 16:17
Logged:30.05.2012 05:33
Interests:B.o.b; Asher Roth; Lupe Fiasco; i love death note, kuroshitsuji, bleach, and souleater. i also love sketching profiles
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normal view of my anime self when im not in a mood swing.
"..and through the woods to.."
my red riding hood :D
"...As dark as night..."
my OC from the green lantern. Name: Anael Age: ? Corps: White (the only white member) Power: white ring powered by t...
to go with my namine and make up for her not being up to standards. hope you like. please comment and rate! from kingdom...
although emo she has the heart and passion of a wild flame. my oc/rp character her name is demyx and ...
Charoum: well you see... i was.. and then... but yeah... im like... sorry...
first fan sketch of namine from kingdom hearts 2
Lovely Bone
No description
for ellymay! i like this one. what bout you? ^_^
for ellymay..
more sketches coming soon! maybe when i figure out how to color ill add it...
page one of my sketch book
for missme!! hope you like it..
Ciel Phantomhive
just finished! it was a challenge trying to proportion the eye color to his hair but i hope this is ok.! hope you like. ...
also known as the little mermaid. this is page five of my sketch book
Maseko.. Color ME!!
my oc maseko. age:16 what else... i dont know its up to you. show her personality through colors. (sorry if my lines ar...
just a random oc of mine.
snow white
page three of my sketch book
"Dove feathered Ravens.."
i just got some faber-castell pitt artist pens, m and b. i love them so much and ive never had anything like this to do ...
Willow ^-^
for peppywolf...
... Firefly kisses?
Just wanted something to try my new color mixes.. OC roleplay character!! (not dove any more..) Name: Kanidie Isabe...
Maseko (bookmark style)
my oc. thank you guys for remixing her. Name:Maseko Age:16 Personality: observer. mentalist. critical thinker. neut...
Button eyes
No description
No description
just another oc of mine. :D
charoum with traditional style anime eyes..
No description
My make up drawing for the poorly done namine version i tried a little while back. feel free to comment on the turn out!...
No description
just somthing to say i missed sumopaint for the past few months..
"So what happens now?"
lol. modern day Adam and Eve.. it wasn't supposed to be like this.. but i suck at vampires and ended up with this. ...
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