just arrived >.< totally jetlagged
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sadly rainbows do not taste like skittles...
invader gir ?
zim + gir = invader gir?
comic for Koalalue's contest :)
this is for a contest ^^
cute bunny on ice cream
awwww so cute XD
ichigo mew mew cat
im proud of this one ^^
scene queen
remix of the sad pink girl :) i got rlly creative
me ^_^
me <3 x
drawing of perfume ad
i drew this like 10 minutes ago ^.^"
gal fox
anime girl fox :)
color in angel :]
clolr me in ;D
shugo chara scan art
from my art book ^^
for koalalue's profile pic contest
u said u hav brown hair and green eyes, ur favorite color is green and your favorite anime is lucky star :)
for Contestboard's Moonlight Contest :) xxxx
Dals i want :(
im starting to collect them
runo misaki
runo from bakugan :)
cherry blossom tree :)
sakuras rule ;)
kawaii watermelon :3
awww so kute x]
No description
remixed lineart wolf :)
i did not draw it, i colored it ^_^
remixed :] x
me in gaia :]
im a sucker for lolita XP
my adopted puppy :)
thnx 4 the puppy (adopted from Strength)
walk all over you
expiramenting with layers
sailor gir
lol sailor moon gir poser XD
runo transformation
runo gone bad >:) :O WOOOOW
cute bell flowers (contest)
for Blackstarqueen contres
No description
sumo buds <3
thew empty ones are reserved for future sumo friends :) Koalalue Campion Silvertail Manga anime girl Yangyexin Nar...
sumo buds <3 i luv u guys ^_^ xxxxx
thew empty ones are reserved for future sumo friends :) Koalalue Campion Silvertail Manga anime girl Yang...
REMIXED wolf :)
this is my remixed version oif lineart wolf :)
blood bath
so sad :( x
elf girl remix :)
No description
California gurls
im a cali-girl ^_^
rainbow anime girl
i remixed it but it was drawn by
if gir was a cat
lol gir is a cat XD
amu remixed 1
my first of many that i will make of amu's outfits :D
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