Hehe :D
Age:16 years
Quote:"An artist lives tomorrow today and occasionally next week :P"
Signed:06.06.2011 15:42
Logged:01.06.2012 12:47
Interests:JAPAN , art , anime , manga , J-pop ^^
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L Death Note
L rocks XD
Please excusse the mess I made with the eyes . Next I want to draw L from Death Note I will try to make that one look be...
Cute Girl In Hat
It took me about three hours to compleat :D so I hope everyone likes it .
Midnight Wolf
Took a while :D Hope you like it ^^
Rin and Len
Rin and Len are awsome :D I find Rin easy to draw but its the first time I have ever drawen Len and I still think he tur...
Chibi L
Another L drawing ^^ The symbol thingy is ment to say hi in Kanji :D
Broken Wings
Hope you like it :)
Angel Beats
It diddent turn out as well as I would have liked it to but nothing can be completely perfect :)
English nyan cat
Nyan cat the only cat which can poop rainbows :D I think I will use this for my profile picture .
Shigure Soma
Quick Inuyasha Doodle
Its Inuyasha when he was a kid <D
My red butterfly
Its not the sort of thing which I usaly draw so it probaly sucks but it took me ages so please be nice ^^
Rice Cat ?
Well it was ment to be a rice ball cat but it looks more like a sheep :D
My Kitten
Whe I was little I had a cat which when I moved house couldent come with me it was very sad and I still miss her a lot e...
Falling Leaves
One by one they fall drifting down like golden snow until eventaly they reach...
Haru Chan as a chibi xD
Cookie Chan
Just a quick drawing for my profile pic : )
Pika Doom
Come , surrender your soul the dark side we have Pikachu and pocky .
Yuki Nagato
I really like this drawing it took about 3 hours to do so I hope you all like it :)
Your Blue Eyes
Drawn by had and coloured in gimp .
I love cake
Yay Cake :D
:D meh :D
Hehe ^_^ more fruits Basket :D
Air Misuzu
This anime always makes me cry :) Anyway I worked really hard on this so please tell me what you think everyone ^^
Done with Copic and Pro markers, sorry it's sideways ;P
Dark Dnangel
For Avanicontest's contest , Hope you like it :D
One of the worlds best anime characters :D
Black Apple
My brother drawn as a manga character . Hope everyone likes it :D
The Importance Of Friends
For my friends birthday which was last saturday so its a bit late (sorry) I know my poetry isent amazing so please forgi...
Dear my angel
I dont know why I put that as the name of the picture it just seemed to suit it ^^ I think mabye I will draw Yuki from T...
My Drunk Pony
Their not so innocent .
Snow Fall
Hope everyone enjoys my awful hand drawn artwork :P Wish you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year ^^
Chibi Colab with Vocaloidtetoneru
Drawn in sumo ^^ Hope everyone likes it :)
Alone In A Field
Drawn whilst listening to this =^_^=
Butterfly life
Happy ~ <3
Momoko and L
For Invadermomoko, hope you like it :D
Chibi Mew Ichigo
Just a quick drawing until I finnish my Angel Beats one :)
Chibi Kitsune
It is ment to say chibi fox but I dont know much Japanese so please correct me if I am wrong :)
For Daisyxluigiffan27's Contest
I know he looks quite a lot like Ceiel ( if thats how you spell it ) from black buttler but that was not intentional . D...
It is probaly easy to tell that I was being lazy with the shadeing ^^
Happy Bithday Onii-san
For my brothers birthday ^^
Neko Chan
Nyan :3 This is just an old drawing that I forgot to post, should probaly have tried to improve it though :(
In The Bleak Midwinter
Old drawing that I just decided to upload ;)
Au Revoir
A picture for the front of my French teachers leaving card .
The Intruding Darkness
Hope you like it ;)
=^_^= meh
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