Watching the 6th Harry Potter movie.
Quote:""It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." -Albus Dumbledore"
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Interests:Reading, writing, drawing(obviously), painting, reading some more... .
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Sitting Cat
A sitting cat. It's a failure, but I tried. No ref was used.
Random scribble of boredom. I was playing with the Sumo brushes and tools.
More random stuff... Dx
Dragon Practice
Well, I fail at dragons, so this is my first attempt at remedying it. The worst part of the picture is the paws, so I co...
Owl Flying
No description
Does anyone want to divulge the secrets of making good nightskies?
Lightninghorse Thing
One of my older pictures. I miscalctuated the size of my picture, seeing as part of the mane was cut off. This is just a...
Another picture of Arrelius. I often draw him with tattered wings, and so I did so now.
Cyuros Roaring
The title about sums this sketchy failure of a sketch up. This is Cyuros, another of my OC's, roaring. About the qu...
Indefinable, inestimatable, intangible.... What is time? Yep, more random doodling, playing around with ze brusheees!
A picture of a Nuthatch. This is the first time I tried this style. I think it turned out ok, but I will definitely be i...
Sketchy Sketch!
A quick sketch of my fursona in progress, Rain. Copyright Rain to me.
A bad picture, as per usual. The wolf's outline reeeaaally bothers me, but I can't change it now....
A sketch of one of my OC's, Arrelius. I forgot to erase the sketches, and then saved, meaning it all compacted into...
No description
I absolutely love the Lion King, all three movies. I especially adore Kovu, so I decided to draw him. It failed. Kovu...
I drew this picture in Sumo(the program kept spazzing at me, it was extremely annoying). Ignitus, or Iggy, as I more aff...
Cyuros as a Cub
Another picture of Cyuros, this time, of him as a cub, and, suprisingly, not dying of anguish. He actually has a neutral...
No Matter How Fast You Run...
"No matter how fast you run, you can't run away from yourself." Little Cyuros here finds this out the har...
Pawprints -Cover
Cover for a little sketchy comic-y thing. Done completely on Sumo. -__-
Sunny Day
Blah, blah, blah. I'm so booored!
This proves that I have now completely and utterly lost my mind. Even I don't know what this is supposed to represe...
No description
Pawprints -Prolouge Pg, 1
Neeh. Rushed. I'll probably go back and fix it later.... *shrug*
I feel like crap. -__-
Yeaaaah. I'm out of practice. D: Haven't drawn a wolf in, what, months? xD Done completely on Sumo. Oh, ho...
I claim nothing. This image is copyrighted to its respective owner, I am merely resizing it.
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