Quote:"Art is great fun"
Signed:07.03.2009 16:21
Logged:08.05.2010 12:50
Interests:hock, swimming, golf, tennis, gymnastics, sweets, mash potatoe and pandas
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multi mania
a colorful creation
artistic way of using the ink tool
crazy colours
a fun combination of colours
fading spiral
soothing spiral
mixture of colours made into a flower
multi flower
colourful flower
colour eyeball
dark colours and then bright colours which then make the eyeball
colourful tubes
Funky and Punky
beautiful mix of colours
colour amazing
A nice way of putting your nickname
soothing spiral
a calm spiral with patterns in the backround
colour wave
colour wave with a flower in the middle
support breast cancer
a pic to tell people to support breast cancer
black and grey pipes
spiders web
black net
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