Name:Marija Necak
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Residence:CREEPoo I aint gonna tell you th
Age:16 years
Quote:"You're a dumbass with apsolutley not talent at all bicause,if you would have a tiny bit of talent in ya,you would be me."
Signed:17.04.2011 14:49
Logged:12.03.2012 14:29
Interests:your mom, my girlfriend, your dog, your dad, oh and propably not your art... .c:
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paparazzi everyhwere
that is who i wanna be when i grown up :3 wif ew in my arms
No description
Love metter
No description
No description
my paw pad ish diffrent nows its an older picture
thank you for making my tears go away (wif my old fursona)
I love you
i wuv ew :3
Uhh icon thingy - made the base base -
No description
My gf and i
No description
No description
Laying down
No description
hart broken
(not wrealy)
No description
No description
No description
Human me and you
No description
Forever alone
No description
No description
I think i in love
i think you kno who am i thinking about now x3
happy bd doctolittle
No description
Just another pretty flower
why is this flower so pretty but i am so ugly ?
shmexy chick for older ppl
you kno you jizzed
Untitledlol bro
Please do not re-colour ;u; <3 Sooo this is my sona, Shiloh on the left and my oc Greg on the right he be all lik...
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