i asked the big man in the sky why do doughnuts have to die? ~the key of awesome @
Name:yami bakura
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:somewhere in egypt
Age:12 years
Quote:"screw th money! i have rules!wait. lemme try that again :p"
Signed:10.04.2011 01:39
Logged:27.05.2012 03:04
Interests:playing children's card games and crushing people's minds with magical powers
Images:93 (public images)
Favorites:24 (for user's images)

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yay! bakura rules! i got this picture from the internet! but i did colour it!
My page of random quotes
the title says it all
seto kaiba
:D hiyas! this is my seto kaiba picture! and i did it myself! im very proud! hope u like it
kaiba yami, joey hug.jpg
this is for my friend sakurafair1
dark mousy remixed
this is the remixed version by naruto1ab so you should check it out. :)
Marik and bakura warning sign
heart conditions: fainting, love at first sight fantisizing, drawing obbsesively, acting as if they are your imaginary f...
change of heart.png
this is my bakura version of the card ''change of heart'' i got the inspiration to do this from m fr...
No description
joey wheeler.jpg
No description
yami and yugi.jpg
No description
ouran high school host club rose
it's a rose from Ouran Highschool Host Club
its an anime elf
No description
best show ever!
i love this show so much that i'm even watching it right now!!!
this is an explosion :)
wen u drink too much
this is what it looks like when you have too much beer and ur still at the bar :D
eye of Horus
this is the egyptian symbol of horus
No description
star flower
eye of Horus
No description
lots and lots of colours
light waves
this represents the waves of light goin through the air and giving birth to everything around it
the magnolia blossom
this is my sort- of magnolia blossom that i inda had problems with half way through but don't hesitate to comment i...
pegasus goes rawr
i flip for candy
pet rock
this is my pet rock
made for colouring
if u have the time you can go ahead and colour this and i won't be mad at you for it so just colour it however ju...
made for colouring
you can colour this too
marik and bakura pills
pills may cause side effects of: craving soy sauce and cottage cheese, obbsessing about anime illustraitions, loss of sa...
egyptian princess
this is a random person with blue hair.
finish it for me
you can colour it however you want i don't care
paint splattyer
this is my paint splatter.
we all have one.
duke devlin .jpg
this is my picture of duke devlin
this is teenage me and feel free to remix it to make it look like you
Anime girl
this is my remixed version and i hope you think its cool
anime girl
anime girl samurai
the demented weirdo
hehehehehehe :)
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