you say you're the only to ever do something. i feel like the one not doing everything. you live in a world of spoon fed lies. I live in a world where i'm expected to continue those lies. you think everyone loves and hates you depending on the day. No one notices me. Your loves always know. Mine never will, i want it that way. you don't understand me. I know everything about you, but not by choice, so you don't need to tell me twice. I know when I'm not wanted, but you don't and won't leave. Everyone talks about and to you. I'm the girl in the background with a forgettable face. You're the one in the spotlight, with the attention. I'm the wall flower who was forced to be here. You can be gracefull and poised. I trip and stumble. we're different, and this sudden interest make me scared, and i will run, just clip my chains and i 'll run far and hard.
Quote:"this pony has to pee! / this pony still has to pee!"
Signed:26.03.2011 13:50
Logged:01.06.2012 16:00
Interests:invader zim, pandas, furrybones( the figurines), hedgehogs, TACOS, o yeaaaahh..... CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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my invader zim character! her sir unit is fir!
first REAL picture of just delia, but i used a base, so it doesn't count....base by xXxStrawberry13xXx on DA!
fir, bit's sir unit
my character from invader zim's SIR unit
this is bits new outfit! believe me its better hand drawn
gir's eatin a pizza!
uh gir' eating apizza? how much more obvious can it be?
for mew7209
my bestie mew7209 LOVES Dib soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, so i made this for her!
zima's birthday cake
happy birthday zima! sorry its a day late. this better than that cupcake i gave you isn't?
me and sophie equal YAY!
well i was at Happy8's house and we were SUPER happy!
for zerna's contest!i actually drew it, then edited it and colored it on here!
No description
my invader zim cast
title says it all
waz and nimi comic
waz is a robot and nimi is my friend katie
waz and nroz comic
nroz is emo and waz is his robot
for invaderzima!
No description
skelly panda
if you think its cute, they are called furry bones, and the web site is ""
bit in her bear suit
just like how zim has a bear suit, bit has one, but this one is a panda. was based on furry bones "pandie"
bear suit template
use this to make yor own bear siut!
bit with peace and hearts
my OC with little hearts and peaces ! she wants a hug!
my sir's fav foods
all my IZ cast's fav foods
bit thinkin about the fear by lilly allen
the song by lilly allen i likes it alot
do you WANT to die?
cuz i know some peeps. this is suposed to be me when i'm mad
bir in the wind with gir
i drew this in math class, so sorry for all da smudgies its chibby bit and gir admiring the flowers...
i didn;t know i could do that. i just traved my peace sign. ...
the fourth wheel
this is my oc, felling the way the i feeel
i actually made this doll on doll
this time i'm warping with gir. he's so scared.
me all chibby like
this is an example for my contest
me and my pet hedgehog that i will have when i am 18 (i will name him Wobbles)
me as a doll
its me in doll form! exept i don't have a pet panda or flyin squirrel (too bad!)
ummmmm tilte says it all
i did most of this in skool, itz actually on the back of extra credit math stuff
hedgehog with wings
i've always wanted to see a hedgehog with wings
funky pandy
FUNKY panda
me daydreaming
for theemobarbie
she is my sissy!!!and these are her fav colors
i'm gonna start drawin like this now
my name letter
electricity under my net
tot it looked cool
4 my fwend Tai!
No description
last night
thunder is scary
traditional bit
a pic of bit in the tradition IZ art style
bit and stream
actually a base i found on DA, so if you like this, go there...
bit and stream bacround
will fill in and delete this later, unless you want to use it as a template, and pur in the updated
all the things i love
well not all of them, but most of them
i don't do alot of bases, and sydney does alot, so i decided to one for once (igot from sydneys page) ...
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