BAD NEWS!!! the computer i've been doing art and stuff with I will not have for the summer. I do not own it, and i have to return it for a while... So until i get the one desktop computer working everything is on hold!!! Sorry...
Name:taking request
Age:18 years
Quote:">:3 zoids... IS... AWESOME"
Signed:27.02.2009 01:04
Logged:02.06.2012 03:42
Interests:wolves draws dragons animals mangas black cat (a show and a manga) ect.
Images:155 (public images)
Favorites:645 (for user's images)

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Name: Kimi Sex: Female Short History: She a wolf who liked to tell story when she was a pup and had many ideas, now s...
i like how the bugs came out
Into the dark
One of the marker drawings i did at school
I will protect
I got bored and i haven't made anything just with pencil in awhile... so here
Isccrible is FUN!!! >:(
Another marker drawing...
Clashing Colors
This is a collab with my best friend Lappy
Tj360 request
It's done sorry it took so long.
something i did with my micron pens
Her oc named michi I was thinking about shading but i like it the way it is A request for Orfiel
Strong Dog Free line-art
This (to me) looks awesome (for some reason) I think it's my best dog yet!!! Rules: -give line-art credit to me...
Drawing on iscribble again...
i was in a rp and I created him...
this is a request for dot12... Sorry I wanted to finished this by Thursday but I got buzy with school and friends
When I get mad!
I change the name from DA...
It's Cute
This wolf is from Silver101. I love this wolfy it's so much fun to draw Her name is Cer. This might not be her fin...
This took me awhile 2-4 hours maybe (i didn't keep track the time when working on it) It is of a dragon and...
A request from Themangaartist! She was fun to draw!
Thats MY FISH!!!
XD I hope you like it! Sky got one of Wolfen's fish!
No description
ugggghhhh he looks really cool
Wolf adoptable
Yes a adoptable. To me he looks really cool but if you people want him, here are the rules. -first you must draw with...
A request form Silverraccoon Her oc
Made on iscribble
Ehh123 request
I'm done! I hope you like it!
Alter-other from DA let me draw this....
a request from Themangaartist of her oc Moon
Hell... Hound?
Again this one of my completed drawings in my sketch book. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when I'm in my "i wanna draw s...
No description
Mango page 1
Ah page 1!!! Sorry it's been a while but here it is, Page two is done two but... My deep dark hatred for my baseme...
A request for Dashthecheetah OH WHAT A PAIN THIS WAS!!! I mean it was a lot of fun to draw but SO man...
.... almost done...
No description
For meh friend
this is for one of my friends from school
sorry for the wait I hope you like it
made with Ms Paint.
Make your own partner
Alright we have a winner Themangaaryist won.... Thank you for entering, all of you had every good color but it didn'...
I redid it on ms paint with a mouse. Her official name is wolfen but people and sometimes me call her wolfy because it i...
something wolf...
I was excited about my new sketch that I drew this in it... um but I got the sketch book on Easter.
A request by Bedhead Roxy took longer than the ave. >.< Roxy was kinda hard. I hope you like it^^
Annoying poses meme
Original= It was fun!
Wolfen and wolfpup...
ok I drew myself as a guy because... boobs are a pain to draw... but I am a girl!
Mango cover page
I always wanted to do a comic with an story to it... WOLFEN I LOVE YOU!!! man she looks so epic in that armor, to bad i...
made on iscribble... I was lazy at first and didn't want to but the universal symbol for male... so i put "I a...
Toxin and Zero
this is a collab with my friend on iscribble Suicidal
Tegaki- Sunset
just something i was trying out
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