Is it wierd that I enjoy the funny faces the animal shelter cats on the website make?
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Interests:Drawing, computers, video games, animals, food.
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Y-u-no Love me, Sumo?
Lol, just messing around. I know my redone version of the "y u no" guy is pretty poorly done, but I still thin...
Forever a pear.
I saw Demeter and the oddball fruits with faces obsession...this popped into my head. :D
Katy Perry
FINALLY FINISHED. This took me so much longer than I first expected, but I'm very happy with the end result. :D ...
I made a heepppoooo! The outline sort of sucks because I just didn't feel like redrawing over my initial sketch lin...
The Fox and the Hound
I love this movie, so I made this a couple years ago. c: Excuse the terrifying background
Wolf head...again.
This was an older drawing I made in school a few years ago. Noticably better than my wolf head drawn on Sumo Paint, baha...
I've got a bad feeling about this...
This is the "schoolwork" I've been doing for the past few days in my schools computer lab. :D I made this...
Foxy ;D
Auditioning for the role of Goustav's soulmate. < 3
An old oil painting I made on canvas paper for my Advance Art class. It's a portrait of my boyfriend as I, as zombi...
I wanted to draw Kovu, from the Lion King 2, but with a relatively abstract twisty look, and without color. I'm hop...
Zombie Attack!
I got my sister and two cousins together for a photo shoot I had to do for my Digital Photography class, and had a blast...
Bamboo Tablet
Made with Photoshop for my Intro to Computer Art class 2 years ago. Tried my best to make it look semi 3D at least.
Shark Mouth!
ROAAARR! Once again, curing the boredom school gives me.
Classy mofo
A wolf in a tux :D Tablet-MS Paint about 5 minutes lmao
Zombie Self Portrait
This was my final project for Advanced Art, a self portrait combining the style of two artists. My two were Rob Sacchett...
My sister being a good little model C: we went to the local "haunted" graveyard and zombified her all up, hehe...
Guinea pig
:3 I love guinea pigs. Tablet & Photoshop. :D
Wolf head
Boredom, I suppose. Nothing special, just my first experiment with SumoPaint. :D
Frankie Palmeri Zombie
I made my own band-tee for Graphic Design class in the fall. Zombified Frankie Palmeri from the band, Emmure. :D
I guess you could easily say I get bored in school...and this is a pretty good cure.
Grass Hair!
This took me so long. @_@ But I think it was well worth the effort. btw, in the original photo I was wearing a t-shirt a...
Zipper Head
My original intent was to have a mini version of me crawling out of my own head, however I got lazy and decided smoke wo...
Massive Beard!
Well...I don't have much to say about this, I think it sort of speaks for itself. xD
Melty Face.
Just did a little experimenting, not the best work I've ever done but it was still interesting.
Some people say snakes give them the creeps, but I love them. A couple of brown snakes in my brown hair? Ok!
I got bored in Philosophy (we ended early, don't worry I paid attention ;D) and ended up making this...Not really a...
Goliath tiger fish.
What can I say? I occasionally enjoy a good episode of River Monsters. C: I drew the Goliath Tiger Fish. Not the best p...
Hehehe....shelter kitty. 2nd picture. I really spent about a minute on this. xD I...
Finally finished...I think. Any recommendations would be appreciated, however I'm pretty content with the way this ...
Mermaid Close Up
(: I was really proud of the shading..
I'm Back...
Zombified sibling. :D
Get out of the road, kid.
My sister standing in front of my dads car on a rainy night.
Fennec Fox
< 3 I doodled a baby fennec fox! They're the cutest things in the world. C: Please excuse the bad shading job...
Result of having nothing to do in study hall. -shrug- Don't ask > . > frappe.
I took like an hour drawing this only to spill a drop of my mcdonalds frappe on it 10 minutes later. :( hoping that I...
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