Trying to NYAN for 1000 seconds.. WHO'S WITH ME?!
Age:15 years
Quote:""I had a heart, and it was true.It fled from me and went to you. please take care of it as i have done, For now you have two and i have none''"
Signed:13.03.2011 20:14
Logged:23.05.2012 06:17
Interests:PIRATES!!!!!!judo, art ofcourse, playing oboe, etc..
Images:182 (public images)
Favorites:364 (for user's images)

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Scary picture...
No description
newer version! hope you like it: it was hard, worked 2 hours....
My headbend...
omg the title is SOO cliche... real life ten times better.. stupid camera.. OC Ann belongs to ME
Dera And Dante
may i have a bite?
No description
Everytime i look at you.
I must smile, even if i am unhappy.
i always wanted to try him!
myself, the picture
this is the picture ive tried to make...
the roleplay girls
No description
Ellamay's OC/
I spy with my little eye...
liz is posing for us :)
Name: ciamble Profession: doctor Age: 17 Skin: gray/black Eyes:purple Hair:blue Gender: female Weapon: bow and ar...
Different but thesame.
Finnaly. a GOOD pic of Bailey ;-)
theme song.
Yeah.. its a VERY sucky pic XD Liz:
Laetus (colorful)
this is TMA's adoptable. name: Laetus Age:14 (human years) Gender:female Werewolf: Yup. Personality:happy, to...
for my hunny Missme.
*Sigh* Second time that i pressed cancel instead of Update! Well, since my drug is watch, live like, act like, listen...
Billie Joe Armstrong <3
Yaaaay finally uploaded, took me ages.. Yeah my scanner lights it up, it was darker in real life, thanks scanner -.-...
butterfly fly away
No description
my sis' guinea pig.
when she was just 7 weeks, we took this pic. i remixt it in sumo
No description
love tree
No description
4 a roleplay. Name: Bialey Rachel Gutterville. Age:15 Hair color: Orange gold Eye color: dazzeling Greeen Bes...
for themangaartist.
im not a weak girl!
this is Liz at her Samoerai lessons. did you noticed im busy with manga??
im getting better in realistic stuff... this is Jordy's eye, one of the 3 singers in........ Adlicious!!!!!!!!!! h...
No description
No description
No description
No description
Name: Ann St.Bonny. Gender: Female Age: 13 Height: 5'1 Weight: girls secret Hair Color: dark to gold blonde. ...
Sniff.. cheat'r
this is sunshine...
part of the team.
these girls are part of the RP team. from left to right: Ciamble,doctor,C,me. Zxina,engineer,C Ellymay. Askura,warrior,...
Name: ciamble Profession: doctor Age: 17 Skin: gray/black Eyes:purple Hair:blue Gender: female Weapon: bow...
this is my VEEERRRY old OC Hi-Jue. bio coming soon ;)
remember her? she is sleeping. in.... WTF WHITE GRASS OMG!!
when does spring begin?
she says: *sighs* summer is over guys.
Name: Draco Slytheroy. (Slytherin and Malfoy XD) Species.Naga and a litttle bit of a wizard. Gender: Male Age: 14 E...
Gothic Scenery (Start-off)
messin with it ;)
REF Laetus.
i hope i'll get her :D
Who joins.. <b> RESULTSSS </b>
Aye mateyss! as you see, your OC is in this picture. Ann is going to tell who won. *i will do this in RP form ;)* Ann...
Hand drawn ( I love my paperworks ;))
Gypsy ghost.
For Inkfeathers contest..
skin colors
No description
i with my painting
made it on my paint lessons
colors of the wind
i did pocahontas well, i think, but the guy is some freak... inspiration:
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