Name:Taylor but call me roo
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:in a house with family
Age:12 years
Quote:"i like to draw :D"
Signed:12.03.2011 03:01
Logged:01.06.2012 00:27
Interests:playing my x box 360, playing with my dogs, seeing family, drawing
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Fireflies.... are..... SCARY
mutant made me this pic :D I love it, love it :3 the green haired 'doggy' is mutant, the red haired one is me,...
Dream place
this would be a nice place to sleep at :DD
A picture my auntie (Mutantdx) made me. Dream is the puppy, she is not mine. she is me as a werewolf in Mutant's co...
Surfs Up
another request i made and mutantdx did. after i got home from the beach i had this idea of mutant, sailor and fluffy su...
Side Hill
i would like to sleep here ^_^
my request from mutant
i asked mutant to make me a pic of my doggies, belle (bottom left), ginger (the flying doggie), buddy (the howler), and ...
Ray demon wolf
he is a wolf that is a demon that is trying to be a angle and he is mutants dog boyfriend the one that says angel or dem...
Crazy awsome Luxer
Luxer is my monster I made, and since i'm not the best artist, mutant drew this for me. she is helping me with my s...
Light Flower
Its a flower, of light...... yeah ^^
Swirly tang
random stuff 8D don't cha love it =^D
my dog jessie in the snow 1
my dog jessie and i were in the snow playing
this is my baby spot spot died now he is in heven he was very nice this is him when he was dead :( R.I.P Spot th...
it is so random and cool
Buddy with bows in his ears
yes Buddy liked them too he never took them out we had to take the bows out for him he was smiling too see he liked t...
Heart in the Rain
some strange heart XD
my dog belle
my dog belle is a dobermen
my dog buddy
buddy is the same dog as belle
my dog ginger
i love ginger
my dog jessie
she is a yorkie and i love her
he is inside because he was a good dog
My Baby doggies
Here is my baby doggies ginger,jessie,belle,buddy,spot ginger is at the top corner belle is next to ginger buddy is n...
My baby buddys grave
crying because i miss my dead dog buddy this is the song i am listening to go...
happy birthday MUTANT
its mutantdxs birthday so i made her a pic and yes she is my auntie
Stitchs snow day
this is my new character stitch he loves christmas and he loves snow and I LOVE IS EYE!!!!!
Me and Mutantdx made this together. we where thinking about tornados and then a bunch of animals. So we just put them to...
me and mutantdx made. she is sad because she lost her puppy
i do not like it
Dragon adoptables
i just wanted to make these and #1 eye color is green and #2 is blue and #3 is red and #4s is yellow you can make any th...
mr. merical yoda
a old pic me and mutant made with a mouse. the puppy was mutants and he passed away. he wasn't even 2 weeks old.
Buddy roo #1
my first buddy, that was ran over. mutant drew this for me, it was done with a mouse... its a old pic
Baby Barbie
this is not my dog this is mutantdxs dog
Rainbow swirl
something that is weird
MY CAR FLAMESS (not done)
this is a pic of my car flames and yes i named my car flames because as you can see flames are right in front of you and...
Make a gargoyle
make a gargoyle RULES: dont cheet, no line art, try to make a background, dont copy stance of other gargoyle, do best ...
shining blocks
i got boerd and this happened.
Happy Face
some happy face me and mutantdx made
something i made
a fox a wolf two trees a spider two birds and in joy
No description
No description
You broke my heart
No description
jessie in the snow 2
this time jessie is in the snow and she is all most gone
Eggs and bacon lol
i hate eggs and bacon and i just wanted to make eggs and bacon for some people that like it plz fave if u like
HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEOPLE and the little girl is a zombie her name is hether
somethang i made
Red firework look at it
no background i could not think of one
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