i find that you draw better whilst eating cake
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Logged:31.05.2012 13:41
Interests:drawing manga, painting, videos gaming, listening to music (mostly techno.), eating,
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baby squirrel
No description
chibi miku
i did this whilst listen to all my favourite vocaliid songs: leevan polka electric angel meltdown black rock shooter...
winking eyes
No description
fantasy moon
No description
white dreams
No description
shadows in the sun set
i think the use of a sun or moon behind a shadow is very effective
anime eye
call me
cupcakes are one of the best things to paint!
shining eyelashes
No description
space warp
No description
tree at night
all done with one brush
dust and the moon
just experimenting with the different effects and brushes
squirrel in the garden
No description
mystic symbols
No description
time for tea
i like doin' things in black and white i do
so sweet!
portal blur
use this it's awesome!
cute chibi face
i was looking at some of Gessix's cutie faces and thought they were so adorable so i decided to try it out my self...
lost in the forest
No description
sunny sky
i love drawing cloudy skies!
look me in the eye
No description
so cute
happy face
No description
spotlight graffiti
No description
cute chibi sticker
aww... isn't she cute?
cool hearts
yummy cake
negumi is a cute japenese mascot who really loves to have cake and sweets
anime kid
No description
cool backround!
smiley face
cool it's a happy guy
spring mornings
No description
simple stuff
wow its simple but cool
cool, i wonder how it floats
cool stuff
No description
kool graffiti
No description
No description
No description
happy squirrel sketch
No description
Kool graffiti
ain't it awesome
centre of the rainbow
No description
chibi girl
i actually used a computer mouse to draw this picture,tell me what you think :)
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