Littlecandyraver cute Luka Megurine song called Crimson Camellia I do not own anything!!!
Name:Kitomi Takahashi
Quote:"You're so sweet thier's a wanted poster in the candy store!"
Signed:19.02.2011 02:59
Logged:22.04.2012 19:40
Interests:Drawing, cat's, digital art, anime, cookies, candy, School Rumble, Princess Tutu, MoonPhase, Ichigo Marshmero, Fruits Basket, Lucky Star, CLANNAD After story
Images:47 (public images)
Favorites:11 (for user's images)

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New OC
Her name is Saya Mitki
my character i made up
With a BODY this time XD
To Sireine
i made this at 4:15 PM i took sireine advice shank you ^^
Spice and wolf Holow
No description
Like's: Sweets and flying Gender: Girl ...
Kitty Paint
I love cats, so I wanted to draw this lol the cats talk looks wierd...i made the face
No description
Spade (New OC)
No description
Killer Red-Riding Hood
Never act like her gramndma
My OC crying
cuz neal was kissing train
Murder Momiji
No description
Momiji shaded
spelt that wrong >.>
Miku X Mikuo
No description
No description
me crying today...
thats a small body ikr? dont ask why ii was crying cuz none ya!
Kinda weird
i saw a video that made me wanna draw this
No description
random image
i really really dont know....
She should have not let ehr sister cut her hair....
HAHAHAHA! Spade is so evil! btw she has a sister named Card
No description
Me as a neko school girl
it only took me 30 mins! you know why??? i did not shade it O.o
Neko girl
Never act like her gramndma
Momiji's got the powa!
i was going to make her playing baseball but..... i chose not to
My new OC
Name: Pon Favorite food: Tuna ...
Uncle Pon Pon!
i love panda's (but most of all cats) so i wanted to make pon pon and his sister's kids, Zen, (the blue) and B...
uhh what is it doing?
cat: i love you pon pon!!!
Momiji chibi
she just at a cookie
Raining rainbow
No description
yea it's me... i look weird though... but at least i made me look smexy >.< jk comment if i look cute >_O
No more crying
No description
anime eye
i was bored
for Dark_neko123
place your oc inside
Chibi me in cat suit
you no you want to take that thing out and squeez it >.< Time : 20 mins Song:
anime head test
No description
girl sitting (test)
No description
Dango Daikazaku
I watched CLANNAD OST and 1 and 2 season. It made me cry so hard and it changed my life and i got this from the ending t...
Dango 2
Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, big Dango family. A mischeivies roasted Dango. A sweet beaned Dango, put them all together a...
Lucky Star |cat
I love lucky star and i just adored the parts with the cat that meows
Tigger Fan!!!
thought about winnie the poo so i made Saya in a tigger suit
Doodle Bob
No description
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