Listening to the lazy song by bruno mars! :)
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its awkward
LAZER TAG!!!!! lol
I love food
lol this is a random thing!
Fail sandwhich
Ashley told me to do a sandwhich but its a huge fail!!
Weirdo us!!
I took this picture when Tegan came to my house!!
converse picture took me forever!
No description
jesse j ft B.o.B price tag part lyrics
i love this song its pretty good!
rainbow girl
i drew the girl the i put a rainbow background!
its really weird and its for haydens contest!
Bruno Mars poster
my Bruno Mars Poster is for sale for free!
my cat
this is my kitten but he has gotton older so i will call him a cat!
this is my weird sour lollie spray thing and I bought it wih my own money and I don't know why I am saying this!
love poem
well i think its crap.......
Kesha The Harold song
well i kinda changed it to be walking alone instead of sleeping!
All the moments
well this is some expirences i have had
A conversation that might happen between my brother and I
well this has happend before and it was funny!
means i love you in dinosaur origanilly from my friend Katie tobutt but i copied it sorry Katie!! (sorry I can't sp...
We are the stars of the World!
this happend on Monday the18th of April and it was the best moment ever!
I was bored
Ashie and me!!! xx
we were bored so we took a photo and wearing my ring!! lol
Hate on me Glee part of it lyrics
Its a song I have loved for ages!! lol
I kinda copied it off this site but I changed it. The original one had other animals and they were in a band!!
Most of my friends but I cant be bothered to write all of them!! sorry!!
I got the nerd glasses at some markets today!! and I really like them!! :)
Aren't we supposed to be dead??
well the world was supposed to end on 21/5/2011 and its weird!! lol
I love.....
I love.... any one want to guess btw it starts with a B...... it might or it might not!!
Black and Yellow.
One of my fave songs!! lol
I was really bored and I did this be cause I love colours!!
I think I'm ugly
I wish there was a day where you could have someone say something nice about you and that everyone would give you a comp...
Pretty girl rock, By Keri Hilson
I love this song!! :)
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