Quote:""I think everybody should like everybody" - And Worhol"
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Can't Hold On Much Longer.
I found the picture, so i decided to edit it a little bit.
iJ logo
I just really love iJustine's video's so I was bored and made a small logo, not very good, but it is supposed ...
not done
i am not done. doing an actual canvas version of this though. w/ oilss. so yeah
Neon Bubbles
I like neon things, and bubbles. Go figure.
Neon Bubble Tunnel
I like neon things, and bubbles, and going into dark tunnels with the light and the end(very dramtic). Go figure.
Exploring around the different things on here. (:
For my own sanity. I spent like 10 minutes on this. But iIlike it. (:
No description
My logo 4 my new youtube channel! :DD
My new album cover.
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