Im thinking I really hate school
Age:17 years
Quote:"Why is there art? For the same reason as air, so we can breathe."
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Logged:08.11.2011 03:53
Interests:Photography, Reading, Doodling
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My Red Bush
I took the original picture in the summer and now in the winter two years later im finally using it
I took this picture while I was on the pier it turned out great.
I love taking pictures of clouds, it so entertaining!
Snow Tree
I took this picture last night, it got really bad right after.
Space Ship
Another moment of boardom
No description
Rian Drops
The rian had stopped just so i could take this cool picture.
Sky Blue
???? Who knows!!! There clouds. Thats about it.
Dead Lilacs
Just a bush that was once blooming with purple flowers.
Theres really nothing to say about this one.
wow pretty lights!
Happy Valentine
Its a little corny but it has awesome color right?
No description
Leave Buds
No description
Around four o'clock
Is this one crazy sunset??!!
Is it Going to Rain?
Right before the drops began to fall I snaped this pictureof the overcast.
*Click* I took this picture at my Aunts farm.
The most wondreful curtains in the world.( Because there blue ofcourse! )
For Fun
I was just playing around 8 )
I was board, okay! ; )
Space Time Hole
Please no negative comments, I was just playing around with effects. : )
Dew Drops
During the summer I stayed up all night and managed to catch the rising sun glinting off the grass.
Storm Cloud
No description
The Moon
this is the best picture i could get. There are only so many Full moons any ways.
Fuzzy Tree
Find the hidden butterfly! weeeee.......
This is the best picture I got from Florida wich isnt saying much!
Ice on the Tree
No description
Mad Music
No description
No description
Shadow Feather
No description
No description
Frozen Hole
No description
Sparks and Smoke
No description
No description
Night Sky
No description
frozen Over
No description
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