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Actually loves all kinds of weathers. :)
Residence:Helsinki, Finland
Quote:"At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since"
Signed:19.02.2008 12:34
Logged:16.04.2013 16:47
Interests:Sumo development! :)
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Disco Ball
Abstract picture of a Disco Ball, done in Sumo Paint.
The sparkle was made with the animated snow brush + Scattering + Random Rotate.. :)
Loxodonta Africana
The African Bush Elephant.
The Alien Bug Explosion
Explosion ver. 3. The explosion was done using the animated brush "explosion". Everything here done in Sumo Paint.
Peace 2
Playing around with the new gradient tool. Peace!
The Spherical Mapping filter test nro. X
Hahaaa! I really like how the Spherical Mapping filter works with transparent layers! Here I tested Spherical Mapping on...
No description
Lizardboi Remix
This is a remix of Lizardbois awesome pic. The original picture is propably one of the oldest and most popular pictures ...
The Vision
No description
Planet, moon and the sun
Testing the new Spherical Mapping and other filters! Everything in the picture was made in Sumo Paint, exept the stars i...
Done in Sumo Paint
Family Portrait
Marker pen on paper + digital colouring
Teddy remix
Teddies field trip day. (Original by Ranchi). Made in Sumo Paint
Gravity Sketch 17
No description
The Gasmasks
Hmmm... Testing some of the new brushes :)
Mean Green
Watch out for those flames!
Disco Ball Remix
Disco Ball Remix
Duck Remix
I could not resist on remixing this and putting the reflection filter on Demeter's duck! The duck's eyes were ...
The Chess 2.0
Done in Sumo Paint. The chess board pattern was made with the Perspective Tiling filter + Lightning effects. Cool ru...
Shape Trailer 2
Picture made in Sumo Paint with the shape trails option and the Star tool. Used some round gradients with different blen...
Surreal Pearl
Unfinished, I got plans in the pocket for this
Bulll Horn
Bull Horn
No description
Neon Waves
Neon Waves
Painting it Red
Painting it Red
Shy Impression
No description
Layered 2-symmetry
No description
Ballpoint pen sketch from 1998 + Sumo Paint
Star Wars
No description
No description
Good Old
No description
Peace :)
Playing around with the new gradient tool
Astral Caravan
Astral Caravan
No description
No description
Cones and bottles
Testing the new Cylindrical Filter.
Surreal Pearl - First Version
Surreal Pearl - First Version
Planet Piller
No description
Not so bulky star
No description
The Rainbow Disco Planet 6.66
Testing the lightning effects filter to create some surface on the 3d sphere! Filters: Clouds --> Ripple --> S...
Orange Window
I used smudge tool with lighten blending mode to get the effect.
Eyes Wide Shut
Eyes Wide Shut
3 Magical Balls in a Magical 3d World
Testing the new Spherical Mapping filter! The background was obviously done with the gradient tool and then twisted with...
Kuva 27
No description
The Lightbulb Spirit
Behold for I am the spirit of the lightbulb!
Exploding Bugs
Explosion ver. 2
Frozen Pixels
Testing the new filters... wow!
French Kiss
No description
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